Bathrooms: Conception to Reality

I spent so much time pondering what I should do in the bathrooms of my new house. I eventually pulled together these little concept collages for what I thought I was going to do. In the end, there were some changes made from what my concept boards showed, but overal I am so happy with how each bathroom turned out!

For the tile - I used small (2x1), medium (3x6) and large (6x12) subway tile on the walls of each bathroom, and small (1x1) and larger (2x2) hex tile in each of the showers. For the floors of the bathrooms, I ended up using Botticino Marble - which is stunning. I highly recommend it.

Master Bathroom: Concept
 Reality: The hanging pendants are clear glass domes & clearly don't photograph well!
I wasn't able to do any of the planking on the walls (a bit above my budget) and the sconces and mirrors changed a bit... But the wooden vanity in the guest bath is my favorite piece. I gave my cabinet maker a photo or two of what I wanted, and he produced this. I picked a remanent limestone slab for the top and am so happy with it. Feel free to ask any questions about materials!


Adrianne said...

LOVE it! Wow - looks amazing! I am loving the shower curtain (and mini tiles) in the last photo - west elm??? xo!

The two of us... said...

Beautiful Padgett!! It looks incredible. I can't wait to see it in person!! xoxo