Chandelier help

So, I need your help. Which style of Chandelier do you like more? It is for my living room...

none of the above... I would love suggestions (you could leave a link in the comments) if you don't like either! 

San Fran, house & more

Two weekends ago, my entire family met up in San Francisco for a reunion. It was amazing. We have a huge family - 60 people to be exact - so getting together is an extra special treat! The weather was unbelievable... San Fran spoiled us. We stayed in chocolate town - aka Ghirardelli square - dangerous. We went to an amazing farmers market, explored Alcatraz, had some fantastic food - including a late night donut run - and of course spent a lot of time just catching up. My Uncle David did an amazing job setting everything up, and we can't thank him enough for getting us all together.
The house is coming along. The drywall is all done, and they are working on the base trim & window casing, painting, and finishing the siding. There was some tile drama (I hear that happens a lot!) last week, and the progress is much slower than I would like - however I would rather it be done right than be done on time & poorly constructed. The siding has only one coat of stain - it needs its final coat, however that won't be happening till the spring because it is too cold now to paint... sad. The below is a photo of the North side of the house, there will be a deck where there is still Tyvek...
I have decided that contractors need to learn the motto "under promise. over deliver". It would save a lot of heartache on the clients side thats for sure!

I am flying South, La Jolla to be exact, this Friday to escape the winter weather for 10 days for my two favorite holidays - my birthday & Thanksgiving.