Fiji Recap

It is amazing I ever left Fiji. Sometimes people are a little light and loose with the phrase 'paradise found'. I kid you not, this was the true meaning. Amazing friends, amazing place - what could be better! I finally am getting around to posting photos, and I will do another once Bland finalizies a sweet timelapse film of the trip!
 The fam. Another reason why only one person should take a picture at a time instead of paparazzi style.
 the tan-o-meter photo. just missing my mom.
be prepared to play games if you are ever going on vacation with the Hokes.
 party favors given last Christmas. we made good use of them.
Note to self & everyone else traveling out of the country. DO NOT forget to check your bag before going through customs - rookie mistake. These little clementines that I packed at the last minute leaving JH and had totally forgot about showed up on their 1942 scanner machine. Well, I found out quickly those two {there were actually three, one was never found by evil customs lady} cost me (well really Liz who saved me with her ATM card) $400.00. Not so funny then, still a little tender now.
It was the most amazing trip. I can't wait to go back & hope that everyone at some point will find themselves in paradise! I want to thank my parents, once again, for inviting us on this trip - words can't express how incredible it was.

We are heading to San Francisico tomorrow for a family reuniun, whoo hoo! When I get home I will update on the house! For the Simmons family - see you soon!

Bon Voyage!

Tomorrow we are off on an splendid adventure.
There are 15 of us lucky enough to get this coveted invitation.
To celebrate a big birthday - on a little island in FIJI.
Dad is turning 70 (much as he would love us spreading that news around!)
8 days of suntanning, eating, scuba diving, paddle boarding, croquet, snorkeling, runs, hikes, reading, massages... I could go on...
I have been working very hard on a surprise for him for the last 2 months - more on that later.
In the meantime I will attempt to stop by during the vacation, but no promises!
 I have passed off all my house responsibilities to Sam (he didn't make the invite list - his own children barely did!), and all design questions to Jacque and have my fingers crossed that nothing will come up that they can't handle without me!

Fall is here

It has actually been very fall-ish for the last couple weeks here & the leaves are all barely holding on. One day it is 75 degrees, the next I am in full down wear with Tucker draped across me because I am so cold. That is when you know it's fall. I usually complain when the season hits because we are one step away from winter - but I really do love it deep down.

My annual hunt is on. Others in the valley are hunting for animals, but my hunt consists of finding the perfect boot. Different strokes for different folks! 

Here are a few fall picks (including boots I have my eye on - and a little hunter orange too).