house photos!

I realized I haven't updated since those photos of the fire. We are all safe and sound, it took a number of days but the threat of our town burning down is gone. Phew - thank goodness! Sadly we have been stuck in a smokey haze for the past couple weeks which has not been all that fun...

On to the house! We are moving along quite nicely! Of course I wish it was done yesterday, but that's the way it goes. Here are some photos I took today & a snapshot of some decisions I have made so far!

I will keep you updated - this week they are hopefully going to put on the asphalt shingle roof & the windows - then we will be all buttoned up incase the worst happens - snow.

Fire in our little Jackson Hole

There is a fire raging here in Jackson Hole and it is getting dangerously close {about a mile} to east Jackson Hole. There are evacuation preparations underway for portions of the town. About 2040 acres have burned so far... yikes! There have been some incredible/eerie photos being published, and I thought I would share some. Send some rain & no wind thoughts our way!

All the photos below of the smoke/fire come from Taylor Glenn, an amazing Jackson Hole photographer. For more, go to his website.

My {in progress} house is not in immediate danger, but it quickly could become a target. I am more concerned about everyone else around me & those in the evac zone - they have so much more to loose than I do - that's for sure. I did have a moment of panic and texted my contractor late last night to make sure we have builders insurance that covers fires. we do. brownie points for Bryan.
Sam (really good looking one above) was there at the start of the fire Saturday afternoon & worked for hours fighting the fire & thus saving homes. Once the fire went up into Wilson canyon, efforts shifted to the Forest Service to fight, but now it is threatening another area of town. Sam will be stationed all night, ready to protect anything that needs protecting.


The house got a little more house like on Friday - with trusses! Never thought I would be so excited about that! Here she was Friday afternoon...
 Big decisions this week - exterior color, fireplace design, tile choices - oh my! After struggling with the fireplace, I think I finally figured out what I am going to do. Keep in mind - this house is going to have a lot of white/light colors - white carrara marble counters, white cabinetry, white doors, white subway tile...  you get the picture. So, I need to infuse a little rustic so if someone in the future intends to purchase a "wyoming" house, there is a little touch of that going on.
The grey stone (limestone?) surround with the bolt detail, with the timber above as the mantle. I can't afford the rock-ness, nor do I think I would want it, so I will just be doing sheetrock in a creamy/taupe/beige color. The hearth will have the same grey stone on the top & sheetrock on the face.
You like?
I have changed my mind about a million times, so it quite possibly might be totally different in a week, but I feel good about it right now!