Moving along!

Spent the weekend with my sister Liz, her boyfriend Shane and friend Christina & we had a blast. Leigh Lake paddle boarding + canoeing, farmers market, float on the river (with my dad!), lunches, dinners and of course games! The smoke around the valley finally cleared this morning - but during the weekend it was like a game of hide & seek with the mountains - we swore to Christina they actually existed!
Things are progressing on the house! All the interior walls are framed and the the trusses go up Wednesday. There are a lot of decisions coming down the pipe, so that is why I have been a bit mia as of late!

Wedding weekend!

Wow, this past weekend was gorgeous. Seriously show stopping. L&J were married Saturday at my most favorite place, the Snake River Ranch.

 I have many many good memories of growing up playing at the SRRanch with my best friend Felicia & her family. There is this quaint bridge that crosses Lake Creek that connected the ceremony to the reception. Sam & I giggled as we crossed it because back in High School at a campfire gathering, our night blind friend Ian fell right into the creek. No one was there to escort him over the bridge, so consequently he just walked right off the edge into the flowing creek. We didn't earn any friend points that night, but we still laugh about it today.

 Anywho, the tent was beautiful, food delicious and hurray - the smoke that has invaded the valley cleared for the day! In addition, the band was amazing - they even performed MJ's Thriller dance, I may or may not have screamed in delight. It was a really fun event!
Sam's 1953 truck, Wilma, had a little too much fun at the party & wouldn't start when we were ready to leave. She spent the night on the ranch. That was her joy ride prior to her breakdown.

No worries though, she started right up after a little TLC yesterday morning.

Bears float too!

After a lovely paddle board float in Grand Teton National Park - minutes after exiting the water - these three came bobbing down after us. We were not the only ones in the midst of summer fun!
 Getting their float on.
To celebrate we had these + these. yum.
Finally, while I was still slightly comatose, my dad, Bland Romeo Hoke conjured up a very memorable moment. He scouted a spot outside our house, picked a blanket & cushions, had me create a sign & flowers to set the scene for two very special people (E&M). It was pretty amazing. More on that later.
*Update on the below Anthro dress purchase - they cancelled the order on me! They said they were out of stock! A week later! Note the exclamation points, I was a very unhappy customer. Anthro is getting serious negative points for that one*

Wedding attire

I just bought this dress (on sale!) online from Anthro. I sure hope it fits, because the reviews & that cantaloupe color had me sold. I have a few weddings coming up that require me to wear a dress - and I hope this frock will work!
 Maybe I will will go for the updo braid?
 And, I do believe I will be recreating this necklace to complete the outfit.
Happy Monday!
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Need your input...

So, I am going to need to pick out the exterior colors for the house soon. Like yesterday soon. For some reason, this is a toughie for me, I just don't want to pick wrong - because if the outside is ugly, well - let's just say I better pick correctly.
The windows are going to be  'Chestnut Bronze'. Before you judge, it is a very deep, rich dark slate color. I am thinking a cream trim color and then a light brown siding. I am going to mix horizontal siding with batten board. The above picture nails what I am going for (on the bottom level), except not brick - wood.
This picture almost does it, but the trim and the window colors are flipped...

However, with all that being said - I can be persuaded differently if you think that will look no bueno. So... help.