Jackson love

 All photos taken by ME, on the iphone
It has been so beautiful in Jackson this summer. like crazy beautiful. I probably say this every year, but wow. Here are just a couple iphone shots over the past few week.

Two quick photos related to the house. I was able to carve my initials into my beautiful concrete slab of a basement - I felt like a little kid at Christmas. that slab is really quite beautiful (didn't think I would ever be saying that). The other photo is my executive council. My contractor Bryan, his father Richard and my dad. See - dad and Richard have worked together on a boatload of projects over my dad's 30 year Real Estate Development career. Now it is time for Bryan and I to get to work! 

Flutter Tunnel

My amazingly talented brother Bland Hoke is wondrous. He has a goal of spreading light through art! He is looking for some funding through Kickstarter (a really cool website to check out if you haven't before!). Watch the video, and then head on over to the website for more information & to donate (even $1.00 will help!). For the website, click here.

kitchen design...

{1 / 2}
I am curious, look at both options, and let me know which kitchen you like more and why.
I have been going back and forth on two different styles, and I would love some opinions! Muchas Gracias!

get shopping!

 I have been slowly adding goodies to my little shop.
Sometimes I neglect, but lately the little site has been getting some attention.
So head on over and do some shopping!

Happy 4th!

The Fourth of July is one of my favorite Holidays - right behind Thanksgiving, Christmas and my birthday.
Usually, we have a big party, great food, a float down the river and the Fireworks show. Unfortunately, there are no fireworks happening this year. Jackson Hole is at a level red in fire danger, so one good spark could ignite us up. I guess I can accept that, we like JH green, not blackened!
So, it will be a firework-less holiday, but everything else will make up for it! Cheers!{1  2  3  4}