Running essentials

I love to run, and I try and cover about 40 miles a week. I am a slow & steady kinda girl, but I get it done. I have found a few things that keep me going out day after day for my jaunts that I thought I would pass along...
  1. My Podcasts - I rarely go out without my favorite podcasts to keep me entertained - they seriously make the time fly by and I always learn something in the process! Plus, I usually only listen to the podcasts when I run, so it keeps my going so I can listen to more episodes. My favorites? 60 minutes, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, Planet Money and my new favorite WNYC'S Radiolab (amazing - thanks to my bro Bland for that introduction!).
  2. The App "Cyclemeter" - keeps tracks & notifies me of my milage, calories, elevations, pace, splits - the list goes on. This little app has changed the way I run, it is amazing!
  3. Obviously a good arm band for my phone that carries said podcasts and cyclemeter.
  4. Fun, colorful workout clothes - Nike, Lululemon (sparingly!) and Forever 21 are my favorite sources for gear.
  5. Sport Shield - this glide stick has been my little toes' savior. I am notorious for the blisters I get, at any given time I probably have 2-3 blisters. too much info? gross I know. Anyway, some of this anti friction magical fluid and I haven't had a blister in months... waa? It's a Christmas miracle.
  6. I exercise in the morning. If I put it off - I think about it and dread it all day till I eventually go. If I have a packed day I just make sure to get up earlier and get it done. I HATE waking up early, but I get up, lace up the shoes and go - no excuses. I never regret it once it's over with!
Anyway, I am sure all the serious runners out there are very aware of these little things, but I just thought I would throw my two cents in!

Exciting news!

First there was the untouched land.
Then there was a hole.
And now there is concrete.
Oh yes, I am building a house in my hometown of Jackson Hole!

It is an incredibly scary endeavor, but I am up for the challenge and so beyond excited for it. The day they broke ground I jumped out of my car like a kid at Christmas and locked myself out, I could barely contain myself. Hopefully, come December I will be open for guests - house warming gifts are strongly encouraged...

I am hoping I can count on your help these coming months for decisions big and small as I know you wonderful people who read my site are all incredibly talented and have impecable taste. For now though I just wanted to share the excitement!

This is partly my excuse for being absent, but mainly it has just been too darn nice to be inside on my computer. Today is one of the first days that I have been productive inside while looking out at the blue skies - poor me, I know.

Cheers to the week ahead!

Wasatch Back recap!

We made it! It only took 39 hours, but the 12 of us ran gleefully through the finish line at 5:30pm marking 192 miles of continuos relay running! It was hot, challenging, beautiful, tiring, exciting, and very memorable. There were some serious mountains that were tackled, dirt roads that were traveled and pavement that was pounded.

I am glad and relieved that it is over, but sad to leave my fellow team members after spending so much wonderful time together. In the race, everyone is so focused at keeping your runner happy, that we laughed later that the basic conversations of jobs, living situations and general well being of each other had never been discussed, because there was no time for that.
We had three sets of sisters and one set of brothers, and of course the entire team were all related somehow or another!
Tibby's Trackstars!
If you ever decide or are asked to be on a Ragnar team with friends or family, I would highly recommend it! Thanks to my amazing cousins' Kent and Maria - Kent is the race director for the Wasatch Back - the head honcho that organized everything, and he did an amazing job of creating a fabulous race - not an easy job whatsoever! He deserves a gold star. Maria was our team captain and did a fantastic job putting our team together and figuring out all the logistics to make us successful in running the race!

Wasatch Back

I am headed to SLC tomorrow for the original Ragnar, the Wasatch Back. Remember last year when my family all ran in the SoCal Ragnar? Well, same thing, but instead of going from Huntington Beach to Coronodo in California we are going from Logan to Park City in Utah. Quite a few more hills in this bad boy!
*Last years team*
Ragnar is a 192 mile relay race with 12 team mates. Our team is all family, and we are "Tibby's Trackstars" after our wonderful grandmother Tibby Simmons. Each team member runs 3 different legs (all varying milage), and it takes about 30+ hours to finish. Yowza - it is so incredibly fun, painful, tiring, and a crazy memorable experience.

Wish us luck!

John Legend

Last week I was asked to assist John Legend & his band on their very quick trip to Jackson Hole for a private concert. It was for an out of town company rewarding their top producers. That is the thing about Jackson - these type of random {amazing} jobs come around all the time - and I am so glad I got asked to help on this one!
Anywho - I spent the day running around doing errands - they obviously saw my sheer talent in picking out the best ivory soap, candles and chicken breast. It was all fun and good during the day, and then it got awesome. Private concert was an understatement, sometimes it felt like there were only ten people there - in a good way. He put on an amazing show, I highly recommend seeing him if you get the chance.

Then, I got to meet the man, and what a nice man he was! It was a good day.

Vacation photos!

Here is the abbreviated recap of our recent trip to New York, London and Paris:

We had amazing weather, in every city, every day. heaven.
We ate amazing food, in every city, every day. heaven.
We bussed, walked, biked, ran and explored each city from sun up to far after sun down.
We saw the Queen. We got lost in the Louvre. We biked in the streets of Paris. We boated up the Seine at dusk. We had High Tea at Fortnum and Mason. We bussed across the London Bridge. We mastered the Tube, and the Paris Metro. I could go on and on...
Traveling with my family, then specifically with my sister Liz and my cousins Hannah & Virginia, plus staying with our cousin William and his wife Paige was amazing, wonderful and so much fun. I am incredibly lucky to have such amazing family - we can't seem to get enough of each other!

I finally feel caught up from getting home - last week was crazy, followed by a very exciting weekend - more details on that to come! For now, have a happy Monday!