New York!

I am off to the big city...
To celebrate my best friend Emily's birthday!
Favorite stops in the city? Leave me some suggestions! See you next week!

Hair inspiration

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Never have I ever considered being a brunette - I have always considered myself a blonde, although truthfully right now I am not sure what to call my current color - dirty? Anyway, the bottom right photo has me questioning that forever blonde conviction. I would happily go try that color, I am in love.

Few things

All photos from my Instagram feed, @padgetthoke
Few things:
1. Made a necklace that I planned to sell, fell in love with it instead.
2. Loved this clutch that Carlee of Deliciously Organized mentioned, had to have it.
3. "Getaway" to Idaho Falls (sad, but true), found these beauties at TJMaxx.
4. Loving my daily green smoothies. Thanks Liz!

Rustic Accessories

I love that antlers have recently gained popularity. Born and raised in Jackson Hole, there is certainly no lack of antlers at our disposal, as seen here by our iconic Antler Arches that surround the town square & the National Elk Refuge that is one minute from town.
Here are some accessories that are inspired by that rustic antler look.
Billy Button Arrangement - Etsy / Coasters - Terrain / Antler - Lazy Susan
Birch containers - Save on Crafts / Sheepskin rug - Overland Outfitters
In addition, a good family friend Robert Denning, and his partners launched Westward Leaning, a company that "makes sunglasses that celebrate human achievement by incorporating unique materials specific to that moment, place & time." One of their designs celebrate Teddy Roosevelt, who advocated more than any other president for the conservation of America's natural beauty. These particular sunglasses feature antler from the National Elk Refuge located here in Wyoming. I highly recommend a trip over to their site!

Lace & Stone

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It seems that I have a slight love for lace skirts, I have been pinning them non stop... the end.
Oh, and I added a few new things to the etsy site, go on over and check them out!

'homemade doughnuts'

First - the photo is not from my batch - these are much prettier! However, mine might not have been as pretty, but they sure were delicious. and dangerously easy. sort of a bad combination.

Here's the scoop - all you need really is a couple things. some biscuits in a tube - don't use flakey kind - apparently it soaks up the oil. second crucial ingredient: oil. and of course your topping of choice. I did three varieties: nutella, glazed (powdered sugar and water) and cinnamon sugar.

Either cut out the center of the biscuit, or use something to pop the center out. Feel free to just do doughnuts holes, or a combo of holes and the real deal.

Anyway, heat the oil, pop the uncooked biscuits in the oil, let er cook and throw on your topping. Crazy delicious & ridiculously easy!

Human Planet

All images from Human Planet photographer Timothy Allen

Have you seen this series yet? If not, put it on your Netflix cue immediately. Watched all three discs in a matter of hours. Nuff said.
Need more convincing? Watch this.