Mountain Livings home of the year

I found Mountain Living magazine whilst sitting at the floor desk trying to sell real estate. My style usually doesn't include the mountain look - however this little beauty caught my eye. The bedroom is my favorite, along with the aspen tree hallway.

Trip photos!

Idiots on Segways. Sam actually launched himself over the handlebars at a blistering 12mph. Didn't think that was possible. 
 so delicious - the guy is pretty hilarious too - bonus!
As for the Ellen show - we had a BLAST! We had the privilege of screening The Lorax prior to the show, so fun and such a cute movie. Then we golf carted it back to the stage and saw the show! She had Taylor Swift and Zac Efron - great guest and a great show. I was on the aisle and danced about a foot away from Ellen! I didn't make it on stage, but had such an amazing time - if you ever get that opportunity - GO! My desire to work there is exponentially higher than before, I will figure out a way!
We had just seen Conan O'Brien getting out of his car - that he drove himself - going to work - like a normal person...
Prior to the movie screening, the four of us ready for the Lorax!
In SLC - we found ourselves in Lorax gear.
Had a challenging time flying back to Jackson, but after two failed flights & 36 hours in SLC - we finally arrived at 7:20am. third times a charm! thanks to my sissy Liz we had a fabulous place to stay!

Presidents weekend + Giveaway!

I am headed to San Diego for the long weekend with Sam, Liz, Shane & MB. It should be a blast for so many reasons - paddle boarding, yummy dinners, farmers markets, runs on the beach etc etc. However, I am most excited that ... we get to go to the ellen show! It is no secret that I adore Ellen, in fact - I regularly tell people that given the chance I would drop everything, move to LA and work on the ellen show (ideas on how to make that possible are welcome, and very much encouraged!).

Hopefully the next time you hear from me it will be from the stage of the Ellen Show! One can dream right?
On another note, my fellow JH blogger Meagan is hosting a giveaway over on her blog. Go on over and enter! The winner will be chosen this weekend. PS: I am pretty sure you will fall in love with her, her posts are unique, witty & fun and I get blog jealous when I see the what she comes up with - why didn't I think to post about that? I am hoping for some guest posts from The Egg on my site soon! Enjoy & good luck!

Give love

Give some hugs
and some kisses
and, perhaps a compliment or two.

Because, to give is always better than to get on Valentines Day.

Bright color pops!

These dresses would be such a fun addition to my closet. I need reminding that my wardrobe should not solely consist of black, white and beige! All dresses found on I especially like the first navy one...

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

True story

Cross country skiing + yoga warrior pose = great workout.
Home sweet home with my favorite Lewicki girls!

Thanks to Lindsay and Normy for the photos.

Florida photos

I jokingly say that I went to Florida to get some lessons on my early retirement. The real reason though was for Sam's grandmothers 80th birthday, a great reason to celebrate! Sam and his dad were fishing fools, while I did a lot of running and laying on the beach. Family time was also a priority, and what a wonderful family it is. If you follow me on instagram or twitter, you might have already seen these snaps, but if not - here are some photos of sunny Florida!