Fire in our little Jackson Hole

There is a fire raging here in Jackson Hole and it is getting dangerously close {about a mile} to east Jackson Hole. There are evacuation preparations underway for portions of the town. About 2040 acres have burned so far... yikes! There have been some incredible/eerie photos being published, and I thought I would share some. Send some rain & no wind thoughts our way!

All the photos below of the smoke/fire come from Taylor Glenn, an amazing Jackson Hole photographer. For more, go to his website.

My {in progress} house is not in immediate danger, but it quickly could become a target. I am more concerned about everyone else around me & those in the evac zone - they have so much more to loose than I do - that's for sure. I did have a moment of panic and texted my contractor late last night to make sure we have builders insurance that covers fires. we do. brownie points for Bryan.
Sam (really good looking one above) was there at the start of the fire Saturday afternoon & worked for hours fighting the fire & thus saving homes. Once the fire went up into Wilson canyon, efforts shifted to the Forest Service to fight, but now it is threatening another area of town. Sam will be stationed all night, ready to protect anything that needs protecting.


Jane said...

Please stay safe. This breaks my heart as you know how our family had a stellar time out your way. I will show these pictures to my boys this morning and know that our family will be thinking of all of you in Jackson Hole and surrounding areas.

Deliciously Organized said...

Really hoping everything turned out o.k. ? Hope all is well Padgett. Looking forward to seeing more house updates. xoxo