La Jolla escape

I have escaped the snow of Jackson and am enjoying the warm San Diego air!

Birthday girls!

This is double whammy birthday shout out for both Resi, and for Becky - who has been such a wonderful friend and mentor to me basically since I was born. The birthday brunch for Resi was a screaming success - so much delicious food, and wonderful friends! Resi is off now to ski her heart out, so good luck lady!
Resi, the birthday girl!
For those that were curious, I made the Baked Spice Pumpkin Donut Holes, and they were delicious! I didn't have a mini cupcake tin, so they were more like muffins, but tasted really good! I also did the Buttermilk Blueberry Breakfast Cake and it too was very yummy!
Here is the other birthday girl, Becky. Soon we will be basking in the San Diego sun together - a priceless present for us birthday girls!

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday & Happy Veterans Day. To my favorite veteran...

The birthday brunch is Sunday, I will report Monday what goodies I decide to make, thank you for your suggestions!

Brunch fixin'

One of my best friend birthday is coming up and we are celebrating with a second annual brunch at her cozy cabin in the woods. I am having a difficult time though deciding what to make... so I leave it to you friends... which treat should I bring to this delectable brunch?

So, your thoughts?!

Custom necklace: B from

photography by Stone Crandall

I had the absolute pleasure of creating a custom necklace for the beautiful B from for her wedding. She came to me thanks to a recommendation from Bridget of Diamonds are Just Rocks. B had a really good idea of what she wanted, and we worked together to make the necklace a reality. I had a wonderful time working with her, and seeing the professional photos (by Stone Crandall) of her wearing the necklace couldn't have made me happier. Isn't she stunning? I absolutely love creating custom pieces! Thank you B!

Welcome November

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I really love this time of year. My two favorite Holidays back to back (three if you count my birthday, which of course I do). Lots of time with friends and family, great food, and of course comfy cozy time by the fire... what could be better?