Vacation time!

For the next two weeks, my sister Liz and I will be cruising around the Western Mediterranean! To say I am excited is an understatement. So, please excuse the lack of posts, I didn't plan anything during my absence. Till I return, bon voyage!

DIY bold necklace

Remember when I made this chandelier? Well, I don't know why I never did show and tell, but I also had taken the leftover beads and created this little necklace diddy. Super easy to do, I promise.

If you are just making the necklace you will need: 

1. Mardi Gras Beads from the Dollar Store. I think there are about 12-15 beads on this particular necklace, however use more or less depending on your taste. They come in packs of 8 necklaces. Make sure they are the silver/gold color - the colored ones don't work as well.
2. Spray paint - I used turquoise, but any color you want will do! Coral would be fun...
3. String/fishing line whatever you have around.
4. Ribbon
5. Hot glue gun/glue
6. Clasp & jump ring - any craft store should have both. A jump ring is essentially a round ring. Get an extra large clasp and the biggest jump rings you can find - so much easier to work with.

 First, spray paint the beads. The beads I used only had one coat, because I liked the gold/silver accents. Second, once they have dried take the beads and break them at their seam - it should be two beads stuck together (no string between), noticeable once you start looking for them. I then measured the length I wanted the necklace to be. Bundle & tie one end of the beads, and then tie the other end at your desired length before you trim off the excess beads, trust me on this one. Next, I took some hot glue and wrapped fabric around the ends so they would be soft against the neck. This is the 'hard part'. Take another piece of ribbon, glue one side down vertically to the ribbon you just secured, slide a jump ring onto the ribbon, and glue the other end down on the opposite side of your ribbon cap. Repeat on the other end of the necklace. Attach the clasp onto the jump ring by opening the jump ring at it's seam, then close the jump ring. presto! necklace!

Amazing how many compliments this necklace gets... people can't believe it was made for under $10.00.

Happy Monday!

Falling for plaid

When my daily runs consist of crunching through large piles of leaves, I know it is truly fall. So, instead of complaining about the impending winter - I am trying to embrace this fleeting season!
(my photo)

Update: It is snowing, and has been snowing here all day long. not a happy camper...

Leigh Lake camping

Friday afternoon Hadley, Sarah and I hiked into Leigh Lake to join the Stiegler/Pritchard 'celebration of love' camping adventure. With a total of 20 people, the organization of the event was impressive. Cooking on three little camping stoves for that many people is a feat in itself. The night was a hit, great food, company and of course scenery!
Morning canoe
Delicious dinner!
 My makeshift backpack setup. Worked, but definitely not efficient!
Resi, Hadley and I.
Hadley and I made some ridiculously good strawberry/banana/chocolate chip pancakes for everyone in the morning...
Great way to wrap up the summer!