Endless summer

Sorry I have been a little MIA this week, the weather has been absolutely beautiful and I have been taking every advantage to get outside.

The light and colors are golden - it only lasts for about 2 weeks so I must soak it up while it lasts!

Heading out on a little camping adventure, should be really fun! I will report back with photos upon my return.

Enjoy the weekend!

Style crush

This girl has my style nailed. and, it seems she has a bright pink blazer? just gets better...

Happy Monday!

No heat curls

I had seen this idea floating around Pinterest, so I decided to give it a shot. When I tried the way I found, it was sort of hard and my hair really didn't look that good once I took the sock out. So I modified the process & turns out - much easier and the locks looked real nice! So, here is a very rough tutorial of my little method. It is very easy, literally takes about 30 seconds to do!
So, there you go! Except for the last photo (taken by MB, thank you!) I took the others, hence the kind of strange angles... tough to photograph your own hair! Ask me any questions, not to sure if that was clear, but it's the best I could come up with!

Yum in a jar

Food in a jar? Convenient, party perfect, portable and personal sized - love it!
Layered Maple Oat n' Apple desserts in a jar
Chocolate pudding cake in a jar
Strawberry Cheesecake in a jar
Pumpkin pie in a jar
Buttermilk cupcakes in a jar
Smores in a jar
Banana split cake in a jar
Oreo no bake cake in a jar
Cherry and Blueberry Pies in jars
Cupcake crumble in a jar

Yum yum yum!

Family celebrations

Last weekend the family all went to Houston to celebrate my cousin Wheeler at her baby shower, and my cousin William and his bride Paige at their wedding celebration. Such a fun weekend! Here are some photos (a lot of them are food, surprise surprise, didn't take too many of the beautiful wedding - was enjoying it too much!)...
 the beautiful momma to be
 My five beautiful cousins, my Aunt Ellen, and Margie
 this little guy stole our hearts, which I purchased at Lily and Co. It's the jellycat donkey, highly recommend for a babyshower gift! The softest animal ever, I almost kept him.
 my sissy and I
0 calorie, 0 fat wedding cake.
 tarts, ice cream bar, fruit and whipped cream, cupcakes - the desserts went on and on!
the amazing couple! Mr. and Mrs. Simmons

Antler accents

Antlers are everywhere, and what I used to think were just for the western home really works for any decor! Good thing Sam is a huge hunter, maybe I can snag one of his trophies and paint it a fun color!

On another note - loved all your comments regarding the boots, so I thought I would give an update. We were in Houston this past weekend (more on that in the next post), and I tried them on. My giant runner calves didn't fit into them, and to be totally honest, I think I liked them more in the photo then when I actually tried them on. So - my hunt continues, and my bank account was saved till another day. Thanks for pushing me though to make the potential plunge!

Sound advice

I really want these boots. It must be turning to fall because my yearly hunt for the perfect boot has begun once again. Anyway, for me - these boots would be a huge splurge. So, I emailed them to Felicia, one of my best friends, with the tag line "talk me out of these - tell me how unpractical I am being" and here is what she wrote to me:

"Unfortunately, before I read your message I thought, "How practical." They really are. A great way to class up any nice pants and top outfit. And as the description says, they are "timeless." Ok, I'm not doing my job very well.

The way I see it buying expensive clothing is justifiable when it is first timeless; second, when you know you will get certain use out of it because of how it fits with your wardrobe; third, when you can buy it on sale (sale = still really expensive, but at least you can tell yourself you are getting a deal!).

So really the only practical thing I have given you to work with is #3. And the problem is that #3 is often in conflict with #1 (I find some timeless things just never go on sale). Is it possible, however, to see if these boots do?

Clearly this is what I'd rather be thinking about then what I am currently working on : )"

I love her so much - smart, talented and one of the best friends one could ask for. Verdict is still out as to whether I will take that plunge, but she sure did a good job convincing me!