Quick fix

 After a few washes, one of my favorite dresses had became borderline shirt length. I was super sad, until I realized if I added a little lace - maybe it would be ok again? Amazingly, even with just a little lace - the dress is totally wearable once again. Score! Super easy - just hand stitched some lace that I got from MJ Trimming to the bottom inside hem and voila! favorite dress, upgraded!
ps - from that angle - it doesn't look so short - but trust me there was no bending down in that bad boy.
oh, ps again - recognize that awesome stripe rug? yes, I bought it and love it! see stripe post below for purchasing info!

Happy Monday

I couldn't resist this little one.

On another note - only a few days left to take advantage of 30% off in the store - just type "AUGUSTRUSH" at checkout! Plus I just added new things - bonus!


 {image/product: 1.  2.  3.*  4.  5. 6. * }   * indicates purchasable items
After seeing Rachel's, Raenovatetweet this morning about feeling stripey, I got inspired. I love stripes!

Rikshaw Design

Last week I went to a cute little pop up boutique that had some really amazing vendors. There was one in particular that I feel in love with: Rikshaw Design. The women's kurtas are on my wish list as well as the bedding, and the baby goodies - oh my.
Have a happy, fun filled weekend!

Moose, bears, oh my!

The wildlife in Jackson has been out and about lately, and we have been happy to see them! These were taken the other weekend at the lake. There is a reason why National Geographic has beautiful pictures... the patience needed to take wildlife photos never ceases to amaze me!

On another note, my absolutely favorite tv show, Modern Family, is filming their premiere episode in Jackson Hole... the cast and crew arrived yesterday and I am on a mission to get some sightings in!


I think in a previous life, I might have lived by an ocean and had myself a boat because I have always had a thing for all things nautical.
from my Aunt and Uncle's beautiful house in Maine.
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Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Handy tips and tricks

I found myself lost in pinterest earlier today and found some excellent (albeit random) tips and tricks I thought I would share...

  • Place a rubber band around the open can so you can wipe the excess paint off the brush and not the side of the can every time you dip.  This keeps the can’s lip clean – no build up of paint to have to clean up. (via)
  • Another rubber band - put them on the ends of hangers to keep strappy dresses or camisoles from slipping off the hangar (via)
  • Use a piece of spaghetti to light those hard to get at wicks of candles (via)
  • Use a soda pull tab as a picture hanger (via)
  • Flat iron ribbon for a wrinkle free bow (via)
  • Use a tension rod to hang cleaning supplies (via)
  • Cut X's in a gift box for easy cupcake transportation (via
  • Giant lemon/lime/fruit ice cubes using a muffin tin. (via)
  • Hair roller as a glitter pick me up (via)
  • Transfer laser printed things onto virtually anything with paint thinner (via)
  • Handling a stripped screw (via)
  • Any type of lid as a paint brush paint catcher (via)

Hope you enjoyed - after each tip, the link attached will bring you to the site if there needs further instruction (ie the paint thinner one)! If you have any tips/tricks that you have up your sleeve - please don't hesitate to add to the list!

Soft light

As we know, I love the bright pops of color. but these soft photographs got me. there is something everlasting about them...