Happy Weekend!

all photos via me!
Biking, running, farmers markets, hiking, standup paddle boarding, lake days, river days, floating... all excuses for not being on the blog much! forgive me, but I am just having too much fun!

I also want to congratulate my wonderful cousin William and his beautiful bride Paige who got married today. We were unable to make it to the wedding, but we will celebrate soon. I couldn't be happier for them!
Enjoy your weekend!

Lemon Sorbet Cups

In the summer, a light lemon sorbet/ice cream tastes delicious, especially when it's homemade! This recipe is one I have had forever. It utilizes the entire lemon, and is a real crowd pleaser... and best news - it is incredibly easy to make (seriously though, really easy)!
Sorbet (for 6 lemon cups)

2 tsp lemon zest
3/4 cup lemon juice
1 cup milk
1 cup heavy whipping cream
1 cup sugar

Take lemons, and cut in half lengthwise. Scoop out the inside so you have an empty shell. Save the pulp and juice for use in the sorbet. Freeze cups until you are ready to use.

Thoroughly mix remaining ingredients together. Freeze overnight and stir in the morning to rid of ice (if there is any). Either put sorbet in cups immediately and freeze, or serve into the cups when ready to eat. Enjoy!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! More playing in the great outdoors for me: some hiking, swimming, floating etc. are on my weekend to do list!

Summer outfits

I will take each of these ensembles please (minus the jewelry - I have plenty of that!):

Happy Monday!

Elle decor in Jackson Hole

In the July/August 2011 issue of Elle Decor, they featured home sweet home, Jackson Hole. I wanted to share some of the snaps they took, as well as the places that were highlighted.
the Tetons, everyone's favorite.
MADE - whoo hoo John! Site of my last jewelry trunk show
Snake River Grill - if you are looking for celebs, you will most likely see them here. home also to the best steak tartar pizza - sounds crazy, but super delicious!
Jackson Lake in Grand Teton National Park.
The lap pool at the Amangani hotel.
to see the full article, click here.
So, if any of this sounds tantalizing, come out for a visit!

Bright buildings!

Remember my post on bright doors? Well, thinking much bigger now - these bright buildings make me happy!

Fun filled week

Been having a blast these past few weeks, and it is only getting better! Here are some photos from the past few days, such good times! Photos are all mine, and there are lots so beware...
 this little lady came out to play on the 4th! Not my dog, a friends!
Pool party, volleyball, badminton, good food, lakes, rivers, paddle boarding, floating, hiking, biking, fireworks, bbq's, hammock boating... the fun continues! Plus Brandi, from Not Your Average Ordinary came to visit and I think I showed her a pretty good time!

Also, if you want to see some photos from my trunk show last week, go check out my facebook page!

4th of July weekend!

I am so excited for this weekend! So many many fun things happeneing. Last night was the trunk show with my jewelry at MADE. It was a huge success and I thank everyone who came to support, it means the world to me! We decided to keep the jewelry there through the weekend, so if you missed it - there is still time!

This weekend is going to be filled with parties, and friends, pool time, lawn games, hikes, bikes, golf, swimming, dinners, fireworks - you name it, I am going to try and do it! Found these photos on pinterest (the most addictive site on the web).
ps: Jackson Hole just got rated in the top 5 places to watch fireworks - behind Washington DC, Disneyword, and Statue of Liberty - not to shabby i'd say!

Have a happy Holiday Weekend!