Rambunctious little ones

Hope you are not sick of Jackson Hole wildlife related posts, because these little ones played around in my parents yard this past weekend, and I was able to them on film & had to share. The young Elk were pretty darn cute!
On another note, if you are in Jackson this coming Thursday, my jewelry will be at "MADE" in the Gaslight Alley from 9am till 9pm, with a reception from 6-9. Please come by! For more details, click here.

Summer fruit

I live on fruit - in any season, and this fruit beauty is on my to make/eat list! Busy week, must be summertime!

Pink love

I hope everyone had a great weekend! My client wanted me to scope out if it was possible to get from her potential piece of property to the Snake River. So, on Saturday I asked my dad to come along to help me navigate the mile or so my map said it would take to accomplish this task. About 10 minutes into our quest we realized we didn't have bear spray - so lots of singing, whistling and shouting insued so we wouldn't become meal #1 for the bears. After crossing a creek, jumping numerous ditches and wandering a bit, we made it to the river - woo hoo! Best of all neither of us fell and went for a swim in the major creek crossing, which would have been the temperature of, well melted mountain snow, brr. Great adventure with my dad (who impressed me with his creek navigation techniques), and success that I get to share with my client - double whammy.

So with that, this post has no relevance to the above story - just wanted to share some pops of pink!

Tote bags

First off, your comments on the baby moose photos cracked me up, thank you for leaving those, they seriously made my week! Because I grew up here in Jackson, these animals are so common to me (saw a couple moose this morning on my run) that I never even thought they would be something new! Well, now I know I need to share the other animals that are always around. For those wondering (Erin) here is what the adult moose look like!

Anyway, each of these bags are simple, cute and versatile. If I didn't own a bundle of baggies I would be getting one of these!
Found on DesignSponge - this is a DIY. I might try and do it... stay tuned. It requires sewing, so don't hold your breath that this one will actually happen.

Happy Monday!

These photos were taken this past weekend by a neighbor... look at those little baby moose! Thought I would share....

Also, I spent the better part of this past weekend updating jewelry on my etsy site... if I say so myself - there are some goodies to be had! If you haven't been over lately, make sure to take a peek - and dare I say... purchase?! Total shameless plug... Have a wonderful rest of your Monday!

Hair love

Sorry I have been a bit absent from here as of late. Busy little bee here! I have been working on some real estate things, trying to make more jewelry, and just getting into the summer mode... slowly but surely we will have summer! So, for this rainy Thursday, I thought some good hair bun inspiration was needed.

Happy Weekend!

I am a little obsessed with this little video right now. The kids are super cute, and I love the way it was shot... and I love tutus and she sports a very good looking one in the video! 
Is everyone looking forward to the weekend? Apparently, word on the JH street is that the weather is supposed to be decent!? If that's the case, you will find me outside the entire weekend, time for some much needed sun!