chic camping

The time for camping is {hopefully} coming soon. I love the outdoors, but I think I would really love the outdoors in these accommodations!
transparent bubble tent - totally need one of these - for the beach
and for the mountains!

Had a fantastic long weekend in SLC with family and fun. Even though the weather was not so good, the company sure made up for it. Happy Tuesday!

calf & chick

A few weeks ago, Sam and I stopped over at our good friend Chase's house... he manages his family ranch, and always has things going on. Let me preface this story with a quick cow knowledge that was taught to me. When a mama cow dies, much to my horror, the other mama cows do not take care of that little calf - he or she is left to fend for themselves - usually resulting in their death. 

So, a cow had passed away in the middle of calving season and Chase (as he has done in the past - see this post) bottle feeds the calf three times a day, everyday. I wanted to meet this little calf so off we went. It was rainy and cold & seeing all the other happy calfs cuddled up close to their mamas and this one all by itself, cold, dirty and wet made me tear right up. After feeding the little one we started to drive off and he ran after us...  ugh, gut wrenching. Anyway - this wasn't supposed to be a sad story, just a very small Wyoming experience.
My spirits were lifted when I got to hold his new little Chicks. Look at this lady, sporting the diva pose!

The photos were taken on the iphone, so my apologies for the poor quality!


Some virtual blooms to brighten the very rainy day we are having in Jackson!

New York Recap

We had such a great time, here are some of the things we got to do/eat!

1. Restaurants:

All were so delicious, and so unique... wouldn't have changed any of them!
 happy after a yummy dinner!

Bike riding up the west side highway, street fair in Brooklyn, trip to Serendipity for their famous frozzzen hot chocolate (so delicious!), Dylan's candy bar, farmer's market, walking all around SoHo, Tribecca and the West Village. My friend Emily brought Liz and I to Mario Batali's "Eataly" grocery store - wowza! Definetly go there, it is massive, amazing and full of all sorts of goodies!
bike ride up Westside Highway

The unexpected hit however was that I organized a suprise flying Trapeze class for Liz's birthday! If you are in the city and looking for an adventure, absolutely try this exciting class! If you want any more info, check out their website here.
 My cousin Abby
my sister Liz
 my brother Bland
Good friend Ali

Here is a video of the adventure...
Happy dinner after the flying!
New York never dissapoints (although I do wish the weather had been a tad bit nicer) but other than that, I can't wait to go back for another visit!

Home again

We arrived home from New York on Monday and it has taken me a few days to get caught up on everything. For all the blog neglect, I apologize! I am working on a New York recap post to document all the fun & adventures we had, but until then - how fabulous is this hot air balloon? the colors!

Happy Birthday!

To my wonderful mother and amazing sister Liz - both born on May 14th. Liz and I have always been like two peas in a pod. She can know exactly what I am thinking ever having to saying anything. We are the best of friends and I am so lucky to have such an amazing older sister to look up to!

DIY chandelier

So, I got the idea for this craft project here. My chandelier ended up having a bit more draping 
happening, which I like & I wanted it to be bright blue/turquoise. I made some alterations to her great instructions, and am very pleased with how this turned out! I will say that it took me much longer than I anticipated, and if I were to commit a crime, I would absolutely get away with it as the hot glue gun stole my finger prints and left blisters in their place... yoouch!

I think the grand total for this project was about $25.00. All the supplies were easy to come by and the only thing you need really is patience.
I bought the beads at the dollar store, the hanging planter form and paint from the hardware store, and I already had the glue gun.
The beads came in a bundle of 8 for $1.00 in gold and silver, so I bought 10 packs my first run and had to go back and buy 5 more packs to finish it off. I also had to buy an additional spray paint for the second batch of necklaces and for a final once over once the chandelier was finished.

So first you need to paint the beads, both sides as well as possible. Depending on the color of beads and the color that you would like them to be it might take one or two more coats of paint to get them the color you want. The silver beads took the color way better than the gold, but in the end I sort of like how the gold shows through a bit, or maybe that is just laziness speaking, I don't know!
I turned a sturdy lamp horizontal and layed it across two of my chairs to hang the planter up so I could comfortable sit and work. Once everything was painted (including the planter hanger) I tried one method and then ended up switching to a different method. You will want to break the necklaces apart at the seam, it's where two of the beads are 'fused' together & very easy to break apart. Also, I took the three chains that hold the planter basket and gathered them at the base so that when the beads were draped the chain wouldn't be as visible. Do this first though, as it makes the length shorter and you would lose your draping if you did this after you finish.

The first method I went with was to hot glue all the necklaces to the rim of the planter. I went back after I was half way done and gathered the beads and began gluing them to the bottom. Well, I didn't like how that was going so I switched tactics... I began bundling the strands with fishing wire (about 4 or 5) and attached those to the bottom of the basket, then glued them to the middle and finally bundled the top (same 4 or 5 strands) with fishing wire and attached to the top hook... I think the second process ended up being easier. (below was the first process half way)

After numerous breaks I finally finished it. I did a final spray down to make it look cohesive. I am very pleased with the final product! 
Give it a try! And, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!
all images are mine!

bright doors

(And again, I am still on the neverending theme of bright colors) So, my opinion on what I want my house to look like in the future changes all the time. But, I do think I would love to have a bright, unexpected front door. Something so fun about it!