I am still buzzing with Royal wedding excitement - I had so much fun watching it all, it just put such a smile on my face. I thought Kate was absolutley gorgeous, and I just loved the amazing tradition of everything. I could go on and on. A true fairy tale.
Anyway, this morning my lovely lady Hadley, Blair and their other two roomates threw a oh so delicious brunch. I left stuffed and still wanting more! Here were some of the yummy dishes...
above is what we all commonly refer to as "bacon crack" - incredible delicious, insanely addictive. baked bacon glazed with brown sugar & cayenne pepper... so good.
I had seen on one of my favorite bloggers & amazing Alt summit caligraphy teacher, Melissa Esplin's site (isly) her recipe for Lemon Pull - Aparts. I couldn't wait to try, and with her pointers mine came out super delicious! Not as pretty as her photos, but I am guessing just as tasty (below)!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Previous royal wedding dresses

I am very excited to watch the Royal Wedding tomorrow, I won't be a die hard and get up at 4am, but I will be (DVR) watching at a decent time on Friday! I did a little searching around and found some royal brides that I wanted to share... both good & not so good ...
Princess Victoria of Sweden. I just love that they are on a boat.
Princess Maxima of the Netherlands. Holy train.
Princess Mable of Orange-Nassau. bow-yowza!
Diana, Princess of Wales. Too much.
Princess Anne of Great Britain. Throw back to medieval time...
Princess Grace of Monaco. lots o' lace

images via (1,2)

Princess Mette-Marit of Norway. I think she looks gorgeous & timeless.

So, what are your thoughts? like/love/hate?! Will you be watching tomorrow?

Greta + Kate Spade bike

One of my sister Liz's great friends growing up was Greta Eagan. I spent a lot of time with them as I loved hanging with my big sister and her friends! Greta has made a name for herself as an eco fashion advocate, collaborates on a variety of projects playing the role of stylist, editor, writer, reporter, photographer, videographer, social media liaison and guest blogger. She constantly impresses me and I highly suggest you get to know her via her site "Greta Guide".
Liz pointed out the other day (since I have been slightly blog mia since being in California) that Greta had become the face of the new Kate Spade bicycle launch! I adore Kate Spade, and obviously really admire Greta so this impressed me to no end! Congrats Greta! Here are some shots + the video of her & the fabulous bike - and I want that dog!

Ragnar So Cal 2011 Recap!

We did it! What an amazing time, I put together a video that captures what we did for 34 hours on Friday and Saturday.
My legs are feeling much better - not realizing that two of the three of my running sections were primarily uphill did a doozy on these used to flat distances legs! If someone asked our group to do it again next week - I bet we would!
 At one time, probably around three in the morning when we were sleep deprived, and probably pretty loopy we noted that "this is the most painful, yet most fun thing to do - all at the same time". Running through the finish line as a team made it all absolutely worth it!
Things I learned from the experience:
1. You do not eat nearly as much food as you think you might.
2. When you are not running, the time in the car flies by as you are focused so much on helping the runner at hand.
3. Do not just look at the mileage of your legs, but the inclines and hills you will be running - lesson learned!
4. Everyone surrounding the Ragnar experience is so uplifting, encouraging and happy - great atmosphere to be around!
5. While sleep is nice, if you don't get any, you don't necessarily need it to get through the race.
6. "The Stick" is your best friend when you jump directly into the car after a run without getting to stretch first.
7. Good navigation is a very good thing.
8. A runners GPS unit is awesome, tells you when you hit miles, running pace and total distance - amazing for this old school girl.
If anyone is contemplating racing in a Ragnar, or wants more information, don't hesitate to ask! I felt very prepared in the items I brought with me for the adventure, so if that is of interest to anyone let me know too!

Ragnar So Cal 2011 - Tibby's Trackstars!

Back in November, my cousin Maria posed a challenge to the entire Simmons family (my mom's side of the family): run a Ragnar race. Her husband Kent works for Ragnar, so we were able to score a free entry. 12 of us accepted - all family members, and tomorrow - the adventure begins! I am flying to Huntington Beach today to meet up with everyone, get our supplies in order & deck out our suburbans for the race. 
Ragnar has races all over the country year round, but we picked the So Cal for the great weather and beautiful scenery. There will be about 500 teams of 12 people each, so lots of participants. 

So, what does it entail? Well, 12 of us will be running 200 miles, day and night, relay-style, from Huntington Beach down to Coronado island. Each runner has three different 'legs' that we'll run till were done, the milage varies from 3 miles to almost 10 miles per runner per leg. Only one runner hits the road at a time. The rest of us are on support duty in our race vehicle. So, for instance, I will be running roughly around 12:30pm on Friday, 1:30am early Saturday morning and 1:00pm Saturday afternoon... we will be split into two different vans of 6 people each supporting whomever is running at the time. Apparently it is called "a slumber party without sleep, pillows or deodorant"... yum!
I can't wait to get there and spend some quality time with my family. We get to have a big ol' party at our house on Saturday afternoon complete with pool and hot tub soaks which I am sure we will all really need! Rest and relaxation will follow as I get to stay in San Diego for about a week, wee!
So - be thinking about us tomorrow - our team name is "Tibby's Trackstars" because my grandmothers name was Elizabeth, but we always called her Tibby. Her favorite flower was Lily of the Valley, hence our team logo! So, root us on!! I will be giving updates on twitter along the way (@padgetthoke) so tune in!
Also, its my brother Bland's birthday tomorrow - YAY. I get to be in the birthday boy's suburban during the race, spend all day with him which makes me oh so happy. Bland is one amazing, creative, kind and wonderful brother that I admire. I have bragged about him here and here before.
birthday boy stand up paddle boarding on the Snake River

I will give a full follow up once we finish! A huge thanks to Maria, my cousin, who has been the point person in charge of setting this entire adventure up - clearly couldn't do it without you! xo

Inspiration: Water for Elephants

In anticipation of the upcoming film "Water for Elephants" I found these circus inspired photos. I loved the book, and I can't wait to see it on screen!
Zappos designed a limited edition scarf inspired by the film worn by Reese which can be purchased here. yay!

Color pop!

I know I have been dwelling on the fact that I am still stuck in winter here in Jackson, but I can't help it. I feel like the only colors outside are a little green on the spruce trees and white snow. So - I am clearly drawn to these bold bright colored images! Hope you are enjoying your Sunday...

Dream vs. Reality

Dream (via)
Dream (via)
8:00am this morning... 

I hope your Thursday weather is much nicer than ours. We have a winter storm warning through tomorrow night... clearly Mother Nature missed the memo that it should be Spring in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. California couldn't come fast enough!

Happy Monday

First, thank you for all the comments regarding the glasses - I almost did a self portrait of me in them, but couldn't bring myself to it!
In a little over a week, I will be sitting in a chair (not as cute as these) by the beach after a crazy little race my family is doing (more on that later). To tell you that I am looking forward to it is an understatement!
In other news, I found myself face to face with Jessica Biel the other day on her recent trip to Jackson Hole. It took me totally by surprise and I do believe my eyes were the size of golf balls & my jaw was on the floor. She was beautiful, and had on such a cute outfit. To say I love to see celebs is an understatement & to add her to my list was exciting! Come back to Jackson soon!

Last, I did a little guest post over at KC's wonderful blog "Thrifty Solutions for an Urban Gal". I outline my 5 steals and a splurge, so go on over and check it out! Happy Monday!