New glasses = new outfit?

 I just got these cute new glasses from the wonderful Warby Parker - a must if you are in the market for some glasses! I am thinking now that I probably need some cute new something to go with the glasses... perhaps from J.Crew? I sure do think these looks would fit the bill!

Also - the wonderful Carlee from Deliciously Organized is holding a giveaway of one of my necklaces - head over to sign up! Added bonus is the discount code being offered... hurry - scoot scoot! For those new followers via Deliciously Organized - hello! welcome! thank you for giving my little site some love!

photo love

This photo makes me smile. oh so fluffy tutus and the beach... what more could one ask for?

I have added tons of new things at the store - go over and see the new jewels!

Happy Monday!

H&M Home

So, H&M Home is only available overseas currently - my hope is they will head on over to the US soon - because they have some very cute things at the incredibly affordable H&M prices... they need online ordering stat! Changing your decor will become so much more affordable!

dessert, dessert & more dessert.

This past week, I have made far to many desserts. Not that I don't love to do it, and not that I don't love to eat them... it is just that with each dessert I make - I consume so much of the ingredients as I go, well, lets just say it makes eating healthy very difficult! Enough about the guilt though, lets just get to the goodies! First...
 were the chocolate chip vanilla cupcakes with cinnamon buttercream and nutella buttercream... yum! and super easy - add the mini chocolate chips to the batter of the cupcakes, and then for the icing's  I made the traditional buttercream, split it in half and added the cinnamon in one and nutella in the other. deelicious! next...
was this little devilish pie. made especially for St. Patrick's day, but could be used for any occasion minus the green. I found the recipe here, complete with pictures and directions, yay for foodie bloggers!

Last were these decadent, deadly brownies. Augh, they were amazing. mint oreo brownies with bailey's irish buttercream... again, yuum. For the brownie recipe, click here - again with complete directions and photos (I exchanged the cookies and cream ice cream for mint chocolate chip and the mint oreos for regular oreos). Then I decided to raise the deliciousness a bit and made the plain buttercream and added a shot of Baileys for true authentic St. Patrick's day fun! These turned out to be the most oogie gooie brownies I had ever made - for high altitude cooking that is a feat!

Anyway, as you can see, I have for sure had my sugar fill for at least a couple days... what fun to try a couple food blogger recipes - great great resource if you haven't already found that out! Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

This and those

That picture was meant for these shoes... right?!

Tomorrow and Saturday, Brenda's Gallery and Gifts in the Village in Jackson Hole, Wyoming is hosting a trunk show for my jewelry, so please stop by and say hi if you are out skiing! If you don't know where that is, google it - its north of the Mangy Moose in the Crystal Springs building.

bright warm colors

these two photos make me believe that we will have spring in Jackson, sometime. hopefully sooner rather than later. although I am not holding my breath... because there is still about 5 feet of snow in the yard. oh, well, I guess there is not much to be done except hope for warmth!

Julie Prince Flowers

When my cousin Hannah was married in the summer of 2008, she told me prior to the wedding that she was going to have an ice sculpture flower arrangement. I was a little scared to see it, as ice sculptures conjure up images of giant swans, but after seeing it, I loved it!
my photo from Hannah's wedding
The talented lady behind these amazing, unique pieces of art is Julie Prince. Aren't these cool (no pun intended)? I haven't seen anything yet quite like it and I had to show off her beautiful work. Here are a couple other examples from her website.

Enjoy your weekend!

neutral etsy love

I really love neutrals... something so crisp and clean about the look! All of these goodies can be found over at Etsy (click link below photos). If you are here from my guest post at Daily Crush (exciting!), Hi, thank you for stopping in ... I told you I love bows!

Little shameless plug - I have added oodles of goodies over at my Etsy store, yay!

Get moving!

I love to exercise - well, I love the feeling after I get done exercising! I spend a lot of time working out, and I need some new clothes to get me excited about going to the gym!
I had a mini session work out with one of my best friends, Resi Stiegler - she also happens to be a Jackson Hole native - on Monday (ski champ extraordinaire - she is such a stud). She is amazing, kind hearted, strong (emotionally and physically), at the top of her game and it was inspiring to just watch her focus and determination - thanks Resi for pushing me in more ways that not! Are those pictures not fabulous? Oh, we love Jackson!

Anyway, hopefully these fun bold pieces as well as the photos above will inspire to get out and get going!
Clockwise from top left: 1. lululemon shorts 2. Athleta top 3. Athleta headband 4. Title Nine pullover 5. Patagonia sports bra 6. Forever 21 crop pants 7. Athleta socks

ALSO! there is a padgett hoke jewelry giveaway happening over at "Pink to Green" head on over and enter! yay!