Happy Thanksgiving!

Give thanks & eat till your stuffed!

My family + other brave participants will be competing in the Hoke's thanksgiving "Pilgrimage" which is explained a bit further by my brother Bland in the evite:

There are many historic Pilgrimages humanity undertakes. This one is almost as grand, noble, and lofty. However, our's simply gathers people together to have fun on a semi-epic journey.

Join us for a pre-Thanksgiving Pilgrimage challenge course extravaganza! Expect a sandcastle competition, wacky scavenger hunt, and intellectual battle that will surely get your appetite singing in tune for Turkey time.  

Later I will have photographic evidence of this unconventional event. On a completely different topic - try making these glitter do it yourself candle holder pumpkins! 

Wedding sneak peak

The wedding was a huge success! Here is a sneak peak of the tent - I am going to hold off on showing you everything because my pictures seriously don't do it justice - so when the professional photos then you will see the full extent of the event!

Birthday girl!

It's my birthday today, yay! I am in Houston celebrating the marriage of my cousin Virginia to her new husband Cramer! It is going to be one giant party tomorrow for my birthday their wedding... I can't wait to show everyone photos, we had a preview of the 'tent' tonight at the rehearsal for the ceremony - and let me tell you - it is going to be downright beautiful! Anyway, hope everyone is enjoying their weekends!

all that glitters is gold

with the holiday season quickly approaching, nothing makes me happier than seeing the sparkles that start shining!

To my dad...

You are the most humble man about your time servicing our country - thank you... xo

to the countless other Veterans - thank you too. Photos are taken of the photos - sorry they are not very sharp!

Capitol Christmas Tree

all photos via

While I was in Las Vegas celebrating with the soon to be bride, at home they were celebrating a very prestigious & exciting event - especially from our small town! 

(I edited this from the press release) For the first time in the 46-year history of the Capitol Christmas Tree, Wyoming has been selected for the honor of providing the tree from the Bridger - Teton National Forest that will grace the front lawn of the United States Capitol. The tree was cut, loaded, covered and prepped for travel on Saturday in my hometown of Jackson Hole. It will now be toured across the state of Wyoming before heading east to the U.S. Capitol. In late November, the tree will be delivered to the U.S. Capitol, where it will be lowered into 5-foot deep hole, strung with lights, and decorated with thousands of handcrafted ornaments made by Wyomingites from across the State. In December, the Speaker of the House will light the tree and showcase Wyoming's historical, cultural and natural beauty.

Enjoy these photos of this beautiful tree as it goes on a journey from Wyoming to Washington!

Grilled Cheese deliciousness

When we were cruising around China in our bus, a lovely lady had the Martha Stewart Living magazine. While we all were enjoying our twice daily Chinese food, we saw these grilled cheese's - and I think we all 'melted' and instantly couldn't stop thinking about them.

I love a good classic grilled cheese, but I also love a french bread, brie cheese and pear creation! Take a look at these, surely one will make your mouth water! All via Martha Stewart

Cheddar, Cherry Preserves, and Basil on White

Gruyere, Red Onion, Prosciutto, and Pepper on Rye 

Cheddar, Jalapeno, and Cilantro on White

Cheddar, Dijon Mustard, Bacon, Tomatoes, Avocado, and Pepper on Sourdough

Gruyere, Apple, and Sage on Rye

Gruyere, Prosciutto, Arugula, and Tomato on White

Yum huh? Off to Las Vegas for the weekend for Virginia's bachelorette weekend - should be fun! Won't be back till Monday afternoon, so till then, enjoy your own weekends!

Happy November!

Happy November! So many things to love about this month - most important: it's my Birthday month, second is Thanksgiving, third is the kick off to Christmas! Also, this November we have an added bonus of my cousin Virginia's wedding - a much anticipated event that will be sure to wow! More about that later, but for now yay for November!