Hair inspiration

messy updo: looks so effortless & chic ... having very long hair myself - I can never seem to achieve this look without it looking like a beehive gone wrong. So, these pictures are to inspire me to try and capture the look again!

Oh, and I will for sure post pictures of the snorkeling adventure - I should have today, but instead found my way up to the Jackson Lake Dam where about 12 of us embarked on a three hour float (on hammock boats of course (more pics of that too)) down to Pacific Creek - could not have been a more gorgeous, perfect day!

absolutely lovely photos

I saw these pictures via Dress Design and Decor, and had to repost, I am in love with each and every photo on Cherry Blossom Girl... for all the loveliness make sure to read the see the entire post!

Also, in the midst of my blog neglect, I managed to get 3 new 'friends' - so, yay! Hello to my newest site subscribers! I hate to keep apologizing for my lack of activity on the site - like I have said before, I just can't stand to be inside when I can be outside. Case in point - yesterday, my brother and I took off to join extended family up on Jackson lake for the day. Best decision ever! Gorgeous day, lots of activity and great time catching up with the Morgans! Thank you for hosting us on your boat for a great lake day! Next up, my sissy Liz is coming for the weekend (yay!) as well as one of my best lovies Jessica (yay!) on Friday... then on Saturday the family (minus mom) will be 'snorkeling the snake'... I will explain further once the adventure is concluded!


First off - thank you all for your amazing comments on my booth, it tickles me greatly to hear from each and every one of you - especially when the subject is so personal to me! Cannelle et Vanille has captured my heart (and my growling tummy!). This site is centered on food, life & photography, and will certainly inspire even the most kitchen-shy person to embark on a recipe or two... all images are from there - hurry and check it out!

Art Fair recap!

So, after a very long and exhausting weekend, I am finally revived and wanted to share some photos of my booth at the art fair! I was really excited about it, and received many great comments on the presentation (which made me super happy as I had spent much time putting together just the display, not to mention actually making all the jewelry!)

(you can click on any photo to enlarge it for greater detail)

To start, I scavenged around the house and found a bunch of old frames which I painted white, stapled burlap into the frame, added some rosettes for added color, and drew in the numbers, which also doubled as the price of the earrings... (sounds super self explanatory, but found out VERY quickly that only 1 or 2 people the entire weekend figured that little functionality out without me saying so)! Anyway, my dad helped me cut down the aspens, then I put together the structures to hang the earring frames. The necklaces were a bit easier and less time consuming to put together. I took an aspen tree and cut it down in order to make 'ladders' for the necklaces. On the horizontals, I pounded in a ton of nails to hold the necklaces, and then made them into ladders. I added numbers to display the price (again, not self explanatory)...

A few finishing touches like the chandelier, fabric, some aspen branches and my old desk made everything come together! I had my card(s) on the table - both my & real estate cards out too - just in case someone wanted some stud earrings and a house... you never know who is walking around at that show! All in all, I was very happy with the outcome!

Any of these ideas on a smaller scale are really great ways to display your own jewelry, keeps it tangle free and makes a great presentation!
I have to give a big thanks to my mom and dad who helped set up, and clean up. My wonderful mother brought me lunch & manned the booth every day for about an hour so I could escape to the restroom and have a peaceful lunch - when she showed up I would always sigh in relief as I knew I could have a few minutes to myself! Also, a thank you to Mary Beth, who helped set up and Hadley who helped tear down - also invaluable help! Anyway, hope you like my booth, I was oh so proud of all the work I put into this show!

on a random note - I set up a tumblr account to organize the photos I come across and {heart}, check it out here:

Post & JH art fair!

Need a quick invite that is both chic and easy? Post is an app that might be perfect! I haven't tried it yet, but will most likely make up an occasion to give it a go! I found this (and the images) via Katie Armour...

Also, if you are in Jackson Hole, Wyoming this weekend, come see me Friday, Saturday & Sunday at the jackson hole art fair... I have worked my little tail off for this event and would love to see any and all! for more information, check out the website!
I will take lots of photos too of my new and improved display - I am very happy with how it looks, although I really haven't seen it all put together, today is set up day so hopefully all goes well!

Photo inspired outfit...

the photos inspired the outfit I created above - and, all items are under $100! Click on the outfit to find out where to get the goodies!

Happy Tuesday!

Home sweet home

Sorry I have been posting so sporadically. When it's summer time, I try and take full advantage of the outdoors, and really try to minimize my time on the computer! I had to share some photos from a hike we went on Thursday... it was to Table Mountain and was a real adventure. Snow blanketed about 1/3 of the hike - so snowshoes would probably have been more appropriate! Anyway, hope everyone is doing well...

All photos are courtesy of the amazing Jared Fry... so talented (I threw some others in there as well that arn't from the hike, but from our amazing home - Jackson Hole)