Wishing for good weather

Can you believe this photo? I am not sure whether I would love that sitting area or be terrified, I think I would be in love..
Memorial day weekend in Jackson Hole is probably not the best time to visit. Without fail, the annual 'Old West Days' parade turns out to be 'Old Wet Days' complete with rain, clouds and wind... this year was no different... I would just love to have some nice weather! Oh well, I did manage to get in a couple bike rides and a run, a bbq and seeing two movies... Anyway, here are some indoor/outdoor photos that I loved + two more fantastic campers (would love to have the first airstream!)!

Photos {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6}

you'll {heart} too + new shop items

Steven Lindbergh via Keenan Evans (I love these shots!)
Summer Haze colorboard via 100 Layer Cake
Lauren Moffatt via Chapman Interior's Blog
Amazing giveaway over at The Brightside

DIY roundup via Oh, hello friend

I am working on adding new items to my Etsy store, so if you are a reader on reader, check out www.padgetthoke.etsy.com!

Enjoy the three day weekend, my fingers are crossed that we will have some nice weather...





Trying to decide on a new fun summer sneak, which color/style would you choose - or, none of the above?

Oh, desserts

If you know me, you know I absolutely love dessert. I really would have it after every meal if I could...So, these images make me happy! Yumm, all found at "Just be spLendid"

You'll {heart} too

After a long hiatus from link love, I finally am back to regular posting, phew! Enjoy your weekend! Oh, and thank you for the bike encouragement, I am very close to making my decision, once I do, I will let you know what I decided!


I have been debating for about a year now on whether I should take the plunge and buy myself a nice roadbike. I have been using a hybrid bike (can be used on the mountain or the road) and it has worked great, but when I go out with my crazy ladies (who have amazing road bikes) I am left in the dust... I know it would be so fantastic, but it's just a very large investment & a little daunting doing the research to find the perfect one... so, that has been on my mind, and thought I would share. If you are in Jackson & have a road bike that is looking for a new home - let me know, I may be in the market! (credits below photos)

Kate Spade Bali Bound Sweepstakes

Found this via my wonderful Sissy, we can all dream right? Click the link below for a chance to win! Kate Spade Bali Bound Sweepstakes

Loving: pops of yellow

With the daffodils finally blooming (last week I hear it was january in Jackson - yuck - hence the reason I left) I am loving the pops of yellow these photos!

Decorating with Numbers

I might be behind on this trend, but I love it! Decorating with numbers (and symbols) makes me happy. All photos via Houzz or Bloomingville... enjoy!