Positano Italy. Where I want to be, right now. From Zara's 07' ad campaign courtsey of dustjacket attic...

Greg Mortenson

I just finished reading "Stones into Schools" by Greg Mortenson. This is his follow up novel to his first "Three Cups of Tea". I can not say enough about this man and all he has done/is doing. I won't go into to much detail, only that his stories are compelling, inspiring, educational, adventure filled and most importantly makes me believe there is much reason for hope in areas where no hope exists.

He delivered the commencement address at my graduation from MSU - Bozeman in 2008, and the Central Asia Institute is located in Bozeman so I gain certain pride in that as well. I had to share and urge people to read both books (it really helps to read the first to understand the scope of the second book) and look into the Central Asia Institute - an organization making big changes in little ways.

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I hope you enjoy, have a wonderful weekend!
Seriously - this chicken 'mansion' is to die for - I can't get enough of it! You must go see this thing. Heather Bullard is amazing!
Friday Fabulousness via The Bottom of the Ironing Basket
Sweet treats via Sweet as a Candy
Dream desserts via Creature Comforts



My dad and I were honored this week with being the number 6 producer in real estate for Teton County MLS 2009! It was exciting and a bit of a surprise... I can't take too much of the credit - my dad has been in the business here in Jackson Hole for the past 30 years, so that helped a lot! I have to say though, he was in San Diego for a couple of the big transactions that accounted for the award so I take a bit of pride in that! I am so incredibly lucky to be able to work with my dad, and together we are thanking our lucky stars that during this challenging time in our economy that we got anything done... Anyway, I just had to share the news, it made me a happy camper!

(Oh, and the bottom photo comes from our local paper, the Jackson Hole News and Guide, that unlike the national newspaper average their readership keeps growing! We are the two in the bottom left side)

I will be back tomorrow with you'll {heart} too!

Rose And Ruby

I can't remember how I ended up on this site, but I am happy I did! Based in Australia - Rose And Ruby designs are romantic and elegant, with a touch of playfulness... ! I love the styling in their lookbooks, and will eagerly await to see their new line. Oh, and be sure to check out their cute cuff accessories, I love them!

Catch Up

(photo via this is glamorous)

I got back from California on Friday, and spent the weekend far from my computer out enjoying the beautiful weather... which means I haven't read any of my favorite sites for almost a week, and clearly haven't posted since then either! Sorry, the weather got the best of me both in CA & in WY! I need to play catch up with everything, so, I leave you with just a photo, and a promise to be back in full by Wednesday!

La Jolla Farmer's Market

Our favorite Sunday activity is heading over to the La Jolla Farmer's Market. From people watching, to eating, to shopping, to music - it really is such a fun (and yummy) place to spend a Sunday morning...

San Diego!

I flew the coup to sunny San Diego, I will return tomorrow with my links you'll {heart} too!

(I have no recollection as to wear I found this image - if you know let me know and I will credit it!)

houzz + hair

Houzz is incredibly addicting. If you are remodeling, building, repurposing, or just admiring you need to get inspiration from this site. enjoy! (all photos from the Houzz site)

Oh, and last week I tweeted about a new hairdo that I tried out and loved... well, I had a request from Erin over at Perfect Sentimentto show and tell... so, here is a photo, and a little tutorial on how to do this (I promise you) easy hairdo...

1. part your hair to one side
2. take a section of hair at the part and separate into two sections (you will always just have two sections)
3. twist the one section closest to your face over the second section
4. now, take and incorporate a new section of hair into each of your sections, making them bigger sections and securing the twist to your head.
5. repeat steps 3 & 4 till you reach the the base of your scalp. the smaller the pieces you incorporate, the tighter the twist will be and vice versa. once you complete the twist you can do a couple things... put your hair in a low pony, do the same twist on the opposite side and put the rest of your hair in a bun, or you could incorporate the idea into an up-do!

I hope that made a smidgen of sense. If not, let me know and I will work to clarify! Erin - I would love to see photos if you give it a shot!
Sorry for the poor photo, I took it on the iphone!

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Hi there! Here is this Friday's pick of posts that you will love too...
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I hope you enjoy, have a lovely weekend!

cheap & genius {diy}

Ruffles and Stuff is filled with tons of great inspiration, but I really fell in love with the site when I found her fantastic "granny chic" diy slippers... amazing! I can't wait to do it myself... I will take photos when I do, but her's are truly chic! For the full DIY directions click here. All photos are from her dreamy site "Ruffles and Stuff"

Oh! I almost forgot! Thank you very much for all your thoughts on the lovely gold flower {whatchamacallit} - I don't know if I will ever know the true purpose, but at least when people ask what it is, I will have a list of answers to give! I loved them all, Thank you!