Things I love...

My fabulous sister got the three products below for me for Christmas, and boy oh boy I am not sure how I have gone this long without them. First of all, Batiste dry shampoo is to die for. I have no clue how it works, but it works. Since my hair is extremely long, and thick - cleaning and drying it everyday is out of the question. Sooo, on my off days I spray this 'magic' into the roots and boom it is like I just stepped out of the shower. Amazing. Highly recommended.

Second is the Donna Karan deodorant - at first look I thought it might be a tad excessive, but after one use I was again, hooked. You continue to smell its goodness all day long, even to the point where perfume is not needed. I am just saying, I love these new additions - thanks Liz!
The third thing I am in love with is my google reader. One of my best lady friends was here visiting last week, and we got to chatting about our favorite sites. She informed me that she wasn't using google reader. Whaa I say?! Google reader changed my blog life, it really appealed to my organized self... it is my morning paper, updating me on the latest posts from my favorite amazing blogs! So, I told her I would do a post explaining its greatness, and possibly find others that arn't using reader but should be! So simple - you need a google account, once you have that, add your favorite sites simply by clicking "add a subscription" in the top right corner. Drag and drop the link into the coloum "blogs I am following" and voila! Reader will automatically feed any new posts from the blogs that you follow in the order they were posted. So fantastic.

I hope these little pleasures will brighten your day (click the reader photo to understand the instructions - it is very self explanatory)! Enjoy!

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Liz Hoke said...

YES! I am so excited you love them... I did so I had to spread the LOVE!!