holiday hair inspiration

Perhaps some holiday hair inspiration is in order during this busy season of parties, get together and celebrations? I sure need some - tis the season to try something new!

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Advent calendar fun

I realize we are far into the advent calendar tradition, but these photos are still fun!

Reclaimed wood

I love fun uses for wood, the table shown above is actually a diy (unfortunately its in Dutch) and the mantel fireplace just makes me happy. Yesterday I literally chopped wood for about 2 hours, and it was seriously hard work! I now fully appreciate throwing a log on the fire, my arms are sore today - even shaky when I hold them out straight!

Simple Christmas crafts

Thanks to BH&G, here are a few easy fun projects to kick off my favorite holiday season - to add instant cheer! For full project details, visit here.

1. Use some old cute mittens and some greenery to adorn your door
2. Take old Christmas cards and tape them around a vase to make it more festive
3. Utilize your colorful, or monochromatic ornaments and display them in clear vessels
4. Make a super easy burlap stocking, add some sparkle, ribbon or whatever else to give it some pizzazz
5. Use Christmas paper and make cone shape them for a modern tree farm
6. Find old Christmas fabric, cut into a cone & add some pompoms and a boarder for an advent calendar & fill with goodies
7. Make pretty monogram boxes for a personalized touch

Hopefully these simple crafts will get your Christmas creative juices flowing. If you are in Jackson, please come visit me tomorrow at the Christmas Bizarre - I have been a busy elf creating some really fun new pieces that I can't wait to show off! If you mention to me at the bizarre that you are a follower of my blog - I will give you 20% off! Cheers!

Farmer's Market

 The most delicious looking cinnamon buns - unfortunately we just had eaten a big lunch or these would have been ours!
 The poinsettias were out & selling fast!
While Jackson Hole is in full blown winter (Jackson Hole Mountain Resort opened on Saturday with a record 130 inches of snow), I am still in sunny California soaking up an extended Thanksgiving break! As usual, the Sunday farmer's market provided many treats both for the eyes and for the tummies. I head home on Friday, to be back for the annual Christmas Bizarre on Saturday - I have been busy making lots of jewelry for the festive event, so for those of you in Jackson - I hope to see you there!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Give thanks & eat till your stuffed!

My family + other brave participants will be competing in the Hoke's thanksgiving "Pilgrimage" which is explained a bit further by my brother Bland in the evite:

There are many historic Pilgrimages humanity undertakes. This one is almost as grand, noble, and lofty. However, our's simply gathers people together to have fun on a semi-epic journey.

Join us for a pre-Thanksgiving Pilgrimage challenge course extravaganza! Expect a sandcastle competition, wacky scavenger hunt, and intellectual battle that will surely get your appetite singing in tune for Turkey time.  

Later I will have photographic evidence of this unconventional event. On a completely different topic - try making these glitter do it yourself candle holder pumpkins! 

Wedding sneak peak

The wedding was a huge success! Here is a sneak peak of the tent - I am going to hold off on showing you everything because my pictures seriously don't do it justice - so when the professional photos then you will see the full extent of the event!

Birthday girl!

It's my birthday today, yay! I am in Houston celebrating the marriage of my cousin Virginia to her new husband Cramer! It is going to be one giant party tomorrow for my birthday their wedding... I can't wait to show everyone photos, we had a preview of the 'tent' tonight at the rehearsal for the ceremony - and let me tell you - it is going to be downright beautiful! Anyway, hope everyone is enjoying their weekends!

all that glitters is gold

with the holiday season quickly approaching, nothing makes me happier than seeing the sparkles that start shining!

To my dad...

You are the most humble man about your time servicing our country - thank you... xo

to the countless other Veterans - thank you too. Photos are taken of the photos - sorry they are not very sharp!