I Am Apparel sham-less plug

This is a sham-less plug for I Am Apparel. It is a new collection of women's apparel designed by Gillian Mahin, a good friend of mine, and can be found at Accentuate in Jackson, and at libertyboardshop.com. The models in the pictures are Gillian, and my other lovely lady Laura Hall. Check out the collection!


Last post I focused on the bathroom. This is for the bedrooms. There would be no bad dreams in these bedrooms. I think it is safe to say I love the fluffy beds, neutral tones and vintage accents in each of these rooms...thanks to Country living again for the photos...


I love these bathrooms....thanks to country living for the pictures

If you've got some time on your hands...

I found myself on Ms. Stewart's page once again to see what new and creative things she had for Valentines day. I had given up on her after a very failed Easter incident last year, however I am giving her a shot again! These cards are for those who have some time on their hands. I personally just like to look as mine never come out quite like hers, so here's to wishing we all had a little Martha in us!
This one seems somewhat do-able, although I have been fooled by Martha once or twice before!
I'm not sure I have the patience for this one...I can barely fold a letter correctly without trying two or three times (if you ever receive a letter from me look past the multiple creases!)
All images came from marthastewart.com!

For the love of {White!}

This post is to update, remind and reminisce. Update (skating, see below) remind (Valentines day is right around the corner!) and reminisce (my love for all things white, sparkly and shabby chic!)

I love this picture (below), the chandelier, the candles, the white...all right up my alley!
This past weekend a few friends and I went ice skating at the Wilson rink. It took a second to get used to the ice, but once we all got going it would be hard to distinguish us from Ms. Michelle Kwan...yup thats right! That is untill I got overly confident, tried to show off a 'spin', started backpedaling to regain balance and landed flat on my back. Needless to say my elbow, that I thought was broken, just has some lovely black and blue streaks to it! Ahh, good times!
This desk looks exactly like my desk that I had last year at school...it is lonely in storage now, but it doesn't mean I don't think about it!
Note: None of these pictures are mine (I wish!) they come from a lovely blog named Moderncountry. My friend Hadley sent me the link, and although at first glance it is not in English, if you look below the Swedish? text you will find English text. It took me a while to figure that out, obviously I am no Sherlock Holmes!