Happy Hallow's Eve

It is very chilly here in Jackson, spitting snow and staying grey. It reminds me of getting into my halloween costume to go trick or treating (last year... haha I kid I kid...). Anyway, prior to leaving the house, my mom would insist that we all wear our winter jackets to keep warm. This achieved warmth, but ruined the costume - all you could see were our skinny legs and no costume... plus, once we were out trick or treating, it went like this. Drive up to a house, get out, trick for a treat, back in the car, drive to next house, repeat. Oh, the joys of living in Wyoming! Would you believe we have never had a trick or treater to our house? Nope, never.

Anyway, I hope everyone has their costumes picked out... I don't. Still thinking about it and can't seem to come up with anything clever today... bah! I have some photos above from Martha that I liked, and because I love "so you think you can dance" so much, I have included one of my sister and I's favorite dances - the zombie one... I love it, and oh so fitting for Halloween! Have a happy halloween!

Flash mod dance!

After my last complaining post, I had to bring it back to happy. So, I am a die hard Ellen fan... but, I like Oprah too especially when she does her 'favorite things' type shows, but sometimes I am just not in the mood for the tough topics she tackles. However when I saw this on her show last week - I couldn't get enough of it! It is from awhile back, but I happened to catch it on the second go around. There is just something about cooperation amongst the masses that really makes me smile! Enjoy!


Let me first say this - I love J.Crew. love love. not so in love with the creepin' up prices, but still love. I am on their email list, and recieve about an email a day from them. Does anyone else get bugged by the "FREE SHIPPING" emails only to see the little asterisk that denotes that you must spend at least $150.00?? For those of us who do a lot of online shopping - free shipping is a gold mine. All Crewcut orders get free shipping.... Second complaint is that they send these 'free shipping' email's out ALL the time... ugh. Either give free shipping (no minimum order needed) or send out emails that highlight sales and new products. I'm just sayin'!

Thank you, Rachel!

Rachel Holland of La Luminata, an online magazine illuminating Sustainable Design, Trendwatching, Eco Styling & Art Direction, purchased a pair of my earrings a while back. With some creative shipping, they finally made it all the way to the UK. So very exciting that my earrings are being worn across the pond... truly tickling. Anyway, she posted about them on her fantastic site and I just wanted to give her a thanks and send you all over to her magazine!


I have no idea where this photo came from (if you know, or if it's yours, please let me know!) but I am in love with it. If this outfit showed up at my house, I would put it on immediately! It is so fall feeling. I love the green sweater with the brown buttons, the plaid scarf {clearly}, and of course I am very happy to see the rosette on her (oh yes, you can get one of those good looking accessories at www.padgetthoke.etsy.com!) and the wellies finish off the look. Love it!

Carmel Apples two & Pumpkin Carving

My friend Hadley and I actually made carmel apples! They turned out really well and obviously tasted delicious! We threw some sea salt on one of them (because who doesn't like the sweet and salty combo...really) and some sugar on another (because there isn't enough sugar in the carmel...) and kept the rest traditional. It didn't really make that much of a mess, and was quite easy. Also, had a pumpkin carving party last night... unfortunately the photos do not do the pumpkins justice, they are so blurry (I apologize) but I still had to show them off....

New posts!

New fun and {very} inexpensive post earrings at the store! I will be adding plenty of new goods to the site quickly so stay tuned!

Frenchie & Flea

(all images via Frenchie & Flea)

I came across this wonderful site, Frenchie & Flea from Oh, Hello Friend (one of my many many favorites) and had to share the giveaway they are having! It is a shop/blog consultation from these two lovely girls that create extraordinary works of art through their design and photography. You must hop skip or jump over to Frenchie and Flea, not only to check out the amazing site, but to also watch the wedding video of one of the lovely ladies Emily. From the looks of the video, it is a dream wedding. Gorgeousness in every detail. I had to stop the video more than a couple times to study into the dresses, hair, accessories, setting... it all. Anyway hurry on over, the giveaway ends on Tuesday!

Caramel Apples...

Because it's fall (I have finally accepted it), I am craving some delicious candy apples. I am going to try and gather some girls to have a little candy apple party....but before I do, I found these fun facts on Real Simple Magazine, and I would love some advice on how best to candy them apples! so first... did you know...

  • In medieval Arabian cuisine, fruit was candied to preserve it, and over the past century Americans have translated that practice into gigantic apples covered with everything from red candy and caramel to chocolate, peanuts, popcorn, and more chocolate.
  • "Toffee apple" was a slang term for a bomb used by soldiers in World War I.
  • Candy apples are popular around the world. They're sold by bicycle vendors in China (they were once popular in opium dens), and they're eaten in England to celebrate Guy Fawkes Day, on November 5, which commemorates a thwarted attempt to blow up Parliament in 1605.
  • Everything from a Kool-Aid flavor to a nail-polish shade has been named candy apple red. The evocative color has been used as a finish on a Fender Stratocaster guitar, and Joe Bailon, a legendary car customizer, created a classic finish of the same name, which he first applied to his 1950s Chevy coupe.
  • (thanks to real simple again!) Anyway, if there are any tricks that you have found, let me know, otherwise I am sure there will be one hot mess once we get finished!

    Lovely Clusters

    Lovely Clusters is this great online shop that makes finding handmade items easy! Rachel has created clusters by color, or by product so searching around for some handmade goodies becomes much easier... Because, lets be honest, Etsy can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, so this site makes it easier to search around for some goodies... oh, and as an added bonus, you can find my little site there too!

    Cal Lane

    Bland showed me this incredible artist the other day, and I had to share. Cal Lane creates intricate sculptures out of all sorts of different materials. From I-beams to shovels, oil barrels to car doors and wheelbarrows, she uses the masculine nature of her materials to create feminine works of art. After watching my brother do metal work, and having done some plasma cutting myself, the time and energy she must exert for her pieces is had to imagine. Her attention to detail is amazing, and I would love to have one of the shovels! All the photos came from her website "Cal Lane" and there are plenty more to study and appreciate!

    Missing Africa.

    Sunset at Savuti
    Literally, he was that close.
    Sunrise horseback ride, not to shabby...
    My sunglasses came close to being lunch for this lion, found them later in the bush, not a scratch on them... clearly the lion has good taste!
    Our 'tent' at Little Mombo
    A little too close for comfort!
    You didn't think I would go all the way to Africa and not do some sun tanning and reading (on the amazing Kindle, could be an advertisement no?)!?
    Our gorgeous room at Mala Mala
    Should have taken them home with us...

    A year ago today my family had our feet planted firmly on African land. I am so wishing I was there right know, so today I took time to go through all my photos and relive the amazing trip. It was so unbelievable, I can't even begin. So I apologize for the abundance of photos, I just couldn't stop myself! All thanks to my amazing parents... thank you again. This trip was one that can never be outdone!

    Emma is featured on Orbitz Travel Blog!

    Emma Simmons
    My extremely talented cousin Emma is featured this month on Orbitz travel blog! It is impressive to see how far she has come in so little time. Here is an excerpt from the site "Emma Simmons is a professional photographer who splits her time between the east and west coasts. Although permanently residing within the continental U.S., her passion for photography has taken her across the globe. Check out the world from the eyes of Emma at http://www.emmasimmons.com." I wish her the best, and hope you will go check out the site! The latest post on Orbitz takes you to India and Kashmir. The above photos are clearly her's and are just the tip of the iceberg, I struggled with not having every single one of her photos posted!

    New necklaces & Sale!

    Two new rosette necklaces on Etsy, plus the pin rosettes are all 30% off! whoo hoo!