Makool Loves You

This fun store and blog make me smile. I thought I would share, they are from Portland Oregon, and have some great garments and fantastic photos! Again, add to the wishlist of goodies I love! The top photo is my favorite, it reminds me of summer and right now looking outside I would like it to go back to being gorgeous... Ps - I snuck in some more plaid... yup still lovin' it!

Plaid love

This season, heading into the fall and (shutter) winter, plaid seems like it is all over the place, and I like it! See the new header of my site, my point exactly! Here are a couple of my other fav's...

(Pale & Interesting, anthropologie, forever 21, gap & gap)

Pale and Interesting

I love this site, it has a wealth of wonderful inspiration. They are located in the UK, but will ship overseas... I have added quite a few things to my wish list from them. Check it out, even if you just peek at their lookbook!

Also - update on the baby puppy... they named her Dutchess!

Thank you Chic Coles!

The fabulous ladies over at Chic Coles have given me a blog award, whoo hoo! If you haven't been over there, you must check them out! So, this is my first award, and let me tell you the excitement! Now, the award comes with rules. So here we go...

1) Say thanks and give a link to the presenter of the award. (check - another thanks!)
2) Share "10 Honest Things" about myself. (umm... below - check)
3) Present this award to 7 others whose blogs I find brilliant in content and/or design, or those who have encouraged me. (If I could, I would give about 50!)
4) Tell those 7 people they've been awarded HONEST SCRAP and inform them of these guidelines in receiving. (check, check)

Ok, so for the '10 honest things' thing. This is a toughy... I recently got this hysterical forward from my cousin Virginia that was called "random thoughts of people our age"... I will insert one of the 55 thoughts that fits this moment like a glove: 35. Why is it that during an ice-breaker, when the whole room has to go around and say their name and where they are from, I get so incredibly nervous? Like I know my name, I know where I'm from, this shouldn't be a problem....

I feel like that right now. ok...breath, and just begin...

1. my lovely ladies, family and cute boyfriend mean the world to me
2. get me on an airplane, I have a serious case of the travel bug
3. I love cream, beige, lacy, linen and loveliness...
4. my sweet tooth would give anyone else a cavity
5. I have been told, and consider myself a professional tanner - I rule the sun. except for in Australia - don't mess with Australian ozone. no good. sun = 1, padgett = 0.
6. I will never be able to live with a non clean person. no way, no how.
7. I must be outside in the summer. hike, bike, swim, run, I love it all!
8. Christmas music plays continuously from the day after Thanksgiving to the day after New Years... wherever I am, you will find the cheery tunes.
9. I am sort of a thrill seeker: skydiving, bungy jumping, extreme I have a strong desire to become a helicopter pilot
10. I absolutely love my birthday (november 20)... it makes me feel special, it's my day. oh, and charlie moyer's too. thats ok though, he's pretty cool.

phew. that was tough. but alas it is now time to pass the torch... so check out these lovely 7 sites...

Liz Hoke (my sissy, whoo hoo!)

Thanks again ladies of Chic Coles, it was harder than I thought, but so very much appreciated!

Winner & new puppy!

And the winner is....
Lucky number 16! Carlee from Deliciously Organized who chose the light topaz and gold dangles! Congratulations, email me your info and I will get the earrings off oh so quick! I used my favorite blogger Tara Frey's handy Random Number Generator as it was quick and efficient.

For everyone else, thank you very much for all the wonderful comments, they warm my heart and are so darn sweet! If you had your eye on the other two pairs of earrings (the pink & the turquoise) they will be on my etsy site in a matter of minutes, so feel free to head on over and indulge! On another note...
This is my Aunt Ginny (pictured above) and Uncle LE's new puppy! She is a King Charles Spaniel who is 10 weeks old and is still nameless... We met her on Sunday, and she is incredibly cute! They have been throwing around various names, but none are official yet. They want something London-ish...or Scottish. My vote is for Barkley, but we'll see... any suggestions?!

Fall Anthro Windows

In love with these, it makes me feel like fall...

Anthroplogie: please please let me be a fly on the wall when you are coming up with and creating your visual displays....that would be great, thanks...

Tomorrow at noon is deadline for the GIVEAWAY!

flutter tunnel

My brother, Bland, is an incredible artist, and I must share with you his latest creation. He seeks waste to upcycle and repurpose into artwork which inspires, confounds and provokes a ponder or two. Bland has completed numerous large-scale installations including a 3 acre installation in Stone Hill Quarry Art Park in Cazenovia NY, an 8 ton modular chair lift cable sculpture on Aspen Snowmass Mountain in Snowmass Colorado, and most recently semi-sustainable snow sculpture on Snow King Mountain in Jackson WY broadcasting sound scapes via a solar powered sound system.

His most recent adventure included a repeat trip to Burning Man, a festival held in the Nevada desert. The artwork created for the annual Burning Man festival transcends art history, contemporary galleries and the vast majority of public sculpture. The artwork invites participants to play, generate roles and interact on levels that are not possible outside the boundaries of the temporary city of 50,000+ people.

Flutter tunnel was inspired by a previous sculpture completed by my lovely lady Felicia and Bland back in 2005 called the Ranch Bow. This iteration though combined both art and charity, the solar powered flashlights used to light the sculpture at night during their stay at Burning Man are being shipped off toSchools for Salone in Africa to distribute to school children to study at night. soo...

The captions and photos are from Bland:

It all started at Pacific Steel and Recycling. Sucker rod, a decommissioned material from drilling oil, is the primary building material for making the individual arches
Annnnd. after loading 190 rods or 9,900 lbs
After plopping us out in the desert, Hector from the Artery drove away with his little GPS, leaving us at the site. It was marked by a CD and a pink doo dad nailed into the playa. I stood for about 30 minutes trying to figure out the best orientation for the tunnel to maximize exposure to the ever changing path of the sun. Variables such as morning energy vs. afternoon energy were considered. I settled on flipping outplotted image over, reading it backwards and this seemed to do the trick.
Flashlights getting all powered up by the sun...
Group photo...19 hours of work later

The Hammock Trike. With your back to the wind, this thing puttered along at a pace of 3 mph. Feet up, relaxified and smiling like a fool. Parked it at the Flutter Tunnel to dust the 200 flashlight's solar panels off for enhanced charging capabilities.

Bland - you continue to amaze and impress, and inspire me. Clearly your sculpture was well received, your pictures are amazing, and I know it was worth all the hard work. I can't wait to see what you do next! love, your sissy. (Ps don't forget about the GIVEAWAY!!)

100th post & giveaway!

Wahooo! Today marks the amazing 100th post! To all of those that read (and maybe re-read?) this site, whoo hoo! It makes me happy to hear back about the little discoveries I post, so thanks to those that comment.

OK, to mark this momentous occasion and to give back a bit to you precious readers, I announce the giveaway of some extra lovely jewels. Yes, I have created three new dangle earrings, one for you to win!

1. Let me know which pair of earrings you fancy by commenting below!

2. This is big, so huge you should spread the word about this little blog giving away little jewels. Twitter a tweet post a blog, face a book... whatever you do, I always say the more the merrier...

3. RSS this site - that means you will know when new posts pop up, because lets be honest, it makes me happy & then you will know when I have more giveaways and new items in the shop...

4. If you don't wear dangle earrings or don't have pierced ears (Resi!) let me know in the comments and if you win we'll set you up with something else, special... no one is left out!

You have till noon next Tuesday (September 22) to comment and then I will announce the winner! ps: if the lucky winner doesn't choose the earrings you fancy, the other two pairs will be put on my etsy site, win!!

Philips Hike

new {flattering} swimsuit

I bought this bathing suit awhile ago, but it was on backordered so I just got it in the mail today, hurray! Let me tell you how excited I am about it. First, I usually wear bikini's, but I have been drawn to the retro style bathing suit throughout the summer and could not seem to find one that I loved. Second, I needed a one piece that did not expose my least favorite parts of my body. So, when I came across this, I knew I had to have it. Plus, my lovely lady Felicia had it and it looked so fabulous on her! I am here to say, it is one of the more flattering one piece swim suits I have put on. That is huge coming from me... seeing as frolicking around in a two piece in public is not my favorite thing. So, these might still be on back order, but it is worth the wait and would definitely recommend one! (google 'shape fx shirred retro' because a couple different sites carry them) (ps- pic is clearly not me - I wish!)

Jenny & Jared's Wedding Photos

From the Fry's gorgeous wedding in July... thanks again J & J! Photographs by David Stubbs

color palette maker

Found this via Creature Comforts, one of my favorite sites that offer daily inspiration, DIY's, and all sorts of goodies. I have to admit, I haven't been able to get the actual color palette generator to work with my images, but I have used some of the colors from the photographs that Ez used!

necklaces on etsy

New! check them out at!

There are also a couple new rosettes there too!

bike ride + blueberry margaritas

Yesterday Resi had the marvelous idea to go biking in the park up to Signal Mountain from Moose, have some world famous blueberry margaritas & nachos and ride back to Moose for the hootenanny at Dornans. Amazingly, seven of us were able to go and it was the perfect day for a ride, overcast and cool! Of course, when you are riding with an olympian and a professional windsurfer its not so much a leisure stroll, more like the tour de' grand teton national park. We made it up to Signal at record speed & time, and proceeded to chow on a huge plate of delicious nachos, and of course the world famous margaritas. Back at Dornan's we enjoyed the hootenanny with the backdrop of the Tetons. What a perfect Labor day Monday!

bye miss em...

My best lady, Emily is off to Manhattan... It makes me very sad, lucky New Yorkers...

online shop-aholic...

So, being as I am located in a small town, shopping proves to be very difficult. So, I have turned into what I like think (and it's probably not a good thing) is an expert online shopper. Yikes. From figuring out how to get free shipping, to using ebates, its a bit scary the amount of time I spend perusing the stores. I actually don't end up spending too much money because I ship so much of it back (I am surprised Zappos and Endless haven't cut me off, free shipping both ways is oh so dangerous). Of course I hit all the regular online sites. Clearly Anthropologie is my first stop. Following closely behind are JCrew, Old Navy, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Gap, Nordstrom, Zappos, Endless.... However there are a couple less known chain store sites that I love to hit up as well. Here is a small collection of the other sites I like.

Ruche is fun, has a lot of the same stuff as Lulu's and ModCloth

I have to say, have never bought anything from them, but I always look!
Poppytalk Handmade... sort of another Etsy... haven't spent tons of time there...
Fun site!
My favorite of the group, great deals and unique inventory!
Another good option...
Never bought anything from, but always checking in on it!

Thought I would share my shop-aholic collection of fixes!