Layla Grayce

Layla Grayce is second to Anthropologie on my list of favorite stores, although LG is only online so that is sad because I am sure a store would be oh so fabulous. I always have a wish list on this site, too bad its all a little to expensive right now for me, and I have nowhere to really put any of the things I would want...but I can still look!

Jared Fry Photography

Some photos of the gorgeous Jackson Hole, Wyoming.... home.
These are some fantastic photos from the soon to be wed Jared Fry. He is engaged to be married on July 11th to my best lady Emily's sister Jenny. I have been invited to the wedding and am soo very excited! I will deffinitly post pictures of what I know will be an amazing wedding. Lily is doing the flowers, catering by Maho and the yummy delicious cakes are being made by Pai. Anyway... Jared's profession is not photography, however it is his hobby and he is very good! Check out all his photos at Jared Fry Photography

Sale at {Anthropologie}

There are some really good things on sale over at Anthroplogie, I wish I hadn't known...
{pic via Polyvore: Anthropologie}

Nostalgic and Whimsy

via Duet Weddings
Vintage Birdcages, birds eggs, feathers, lanterns and nests give such a sense of whimsy, vintage airy feel. It is rather popular to have this theme for weddings now, but I just like it for everyday! Birdcages can be used for so many different things. For a dinner party you could fill them with candles and surround the table with simple greens, or you could collect a couple and hang them from trees, or you could even do some simple floral arrangements and group the containers inside the cage.... If you are looking to spruce up an outdoor party Bloom (boutique in jackson hole) has some great lanterns that would be excellent for all the upcoming parties of the summer!

It is finally nice enough to start thinking about outdoor parties! The last two days have been sunny and warm, a great change from the ugliness we had been experiencing!
via Asile Style
via Good Housekeeping
via Kaboddle
via Country Living

Etsy find of the day: Gabrielle Kai Photography

I found this photographer while browsing Etsy today, the prints are oh so reasonable and could add that vintage touch to any room!

On a different subject, the free 'discovery download' on itunes is quite good this week... this morning I found myself jammin' around in my bathroom listening to it. A great upbeat, dance, summer tune!

Again on a completely different subject, this morning Sam gave a group of us a tour of the new Shooting Star clubhouse which is scheduled to be open on July 1st. The views are fantastic, the clubhouse is quiet spectacular and I just hope I get to attend the grand opening scheduled for July 11th! Mainly for two reasons... 1. to test the food of the Executive Chef, Michael who has been creating treats for Sam and his colleagues and they sound delicious and 2. to see the clubhouse totally and completely finished (as there were still things needing to be done)...

Other than those random thoughts Jackson (or better named Seattle, Wyoming) is maybe, finally getting some nice weather this coming week... My oh my am I getting sick of the rain and is really doing a number on the lack there of tan and sanity!

Thanks for listening to me ramble, for now.... cheers!

Worth a watch!

I found this video on my cousin Lydia's blog "Sunset in the rear view"...Clearly this guy has some patience, imagination and lots and lots of post it's to create this very cool movie... and I thought I had some free time!

{Simply Summer} color board

100 Layer Cake does the BEST colorboards! Check out the site, even if you have nothing to do with weddings, it still is amazing to just see the gorgeous photos! (Click to enlarge)

Before and Afters!

I have really been into giving my bookshelves and cabinets a new look with simple things like new hardware, but when I found this very inspiring article on Better Homes and Gardens I had to share!

{Easy} Homemade Baby gift

Sam's boss's wife Gina just had a little girl and while he had gotten her some flowers and a little gift, my mom came across this fun bird mobile idea on Martha Stewart's craft of the day and with my abundance of free time I thought I would give it a whirl! I was pleasantly suprised at how easy it actually was! I would highly recommend doing this inexpensive, unique and cute gift...

Start of wedding season!

Well, its officially season! Here are some photos from this past weekend up at the was gorgeous, I think it got rainy once we finished with the flowers, but I hear all went well and I heard everyone had fun regardless of the rain! (You can click on the collage and it will enlarge!) These are my amateur photos, but if you wish to see more from this event Carrie Patterson was the photographer and she has lots on her blog!

New England Architecture

These are some photos from around Yale, and at some gorgeous homes that hosted graduation parties that we attended. I just love the New England old home style, how pretty!

Trip Pictures!

I returned last Tuesday from my trip back East. I have a few posts coming with various photos, but I am going to start with these five seemingly random shots, but I will explain them as I go!
This is the gorgeous central park, I spent some time there both days I was in the city and it is just fantastic! Weather was perfect, and I just explored the city from uptown to downtown...
These are again in Central Park
I couldn't go to New York and not go to my favorite Anthropologie! I managed to make it to all three stores, obsessed, I know.
Bill and Story invited me to a Conservation International dinner at the Natural History Museum one of the nights we were there. I was there adopted daughter for the evening... We ate the delicious dinner down under the giant blue whale and had the pleasure of listing to the "Planet in Peril" cast and crew (thats right, Anderson Cooper!) talk about their series and give some insight on ways to help our planet, very cool! They had received the conservation steward for the year... it was so fun and educational.
Only I would like and take a picture of something like this.... anyway the mannequin was in this lovely stationary store and I just had to take a photo of it, so fun! More to come!!