I'm home

I had one fabulous trip. We stayed with my rockstar girlfriend Resi and her boyfriend Kevin at his beautiful home in Maui. Resi showed us an amazing time... complete with lots of beach time, hikes, bikes and delicious meals. It was so very hard to leave, but it just makes you appreciate vacations that much more. These are just a few of the photos from the trip...


Headed to Hawaii in order to escape the ridiculously terrible weather we are having....so, no new posts for the next 10 days!

Love and be loved...

These photos are from Honey Pie Living etc... found on flickr. I love the vintage feel...check them out.

{I love anthroplogie...}

It is no secret that I am captivated and in love with Anthropologie. People (ie my sister) most likely cringes when I come to visit her in SLC because she knows she is in 'store' (no pun pun intended) for a very long afternoon at the Gateway Anthropologie...I can spend hours in the store not only for the merchandise, but just to be inspired. Whomever is their head visual designer is a genius. They create the most interesting visuals throughout the store (many of which I have tried to replicate) and that brings me to these photos. I found them on Flickr in a group called "I love anthropologie" - apparently I am not the only one. This display is made with coffee filters, and I am just trying to think how I can replicate this on a smaller scale. Perhaps some cupcake liners? Anyway the pictures are very fun....thank you Chelsea Ann for the photos.

Converse creation...

Yet another time killer, Converse create your own kicks! This is my creation, verdict is still out on whether I will actually buy them, but its fun to pick and choose what you would want your shoe to be! Plus, you can personalize the back tab of the shoe...a perfect gift for a friend!

Blush & Cream

blush & cream
My Best friend Jessica has found a new time killer called polyvore...like she said it is a new age easy collage maker, which if you knew Jess and I, we had plenty of magazine collages in our life! Thank you Jess for giving me yet another creative outlet to distract me!